Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vibrant Red Purse

This was one bag I bought at a thrift shop. [I know you're going to ask me how much. Just leave me your email or better yet contact me on facebook or twitter and I'll gladly tell you just that.] I liked it soo much especially that it's red and very vibrant! I had difficulty looking for a pair of shoes for this one. Fortunately, someone bought me one while he was in Manila. I usually wear this bag to match colorful tops and I often use this when I like wearing comfy clothes-- when I feel like I don't need to look stylish at all.


  1. You know, I've had the same small, black purse for the last several years. And I've been totally happy with that, as I'm not much of a purse fan. But that red one is beautiful! I could definitely see me wearing it with a black or neutral outfit for just a pop of color.

    Excellent find!

  2. Hello! New fan here! I'd love a follow back at

  3. @ Heather Tovey, thanks for the compliment! I usually go for black and brown bags and shoes-- always playing safe. But now i've been starting to change that kind of attitude and play with colors and style. Hope you visit often! :)

  4. @ Red Rose: Thanks for being my 'new' fan [i'm smiling now]. I always follow back don't worry. Nice blog...



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