Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's Talk About 'Make-Up'

Had to learn the art of using brow liners in college so I had eyebrows like everybody else in school. It must be in the genes. My aunt has got her eyebrows tattooed for years now.

I just want to talk about make-up and stuff. I used to have pimples when I was in high school and I must tell you that though I know it was primarily due to hormonal changes, part of it was brought about lack of sleep.

I had to sleep with my back fully flat on bed or make sure that I didn't sleep on the affected side when I preferred sleeping with one side of my head on the pillow. It was frustrating waking up in the morning knowing you'd find another not so cute addition to your already almost pimple-filled face. However, those ugly pimples eventually disappeared when I reached college.

I know there are still individuals who suffer from these skin problems and I have yet to tell you a product that works for me and my mom who happens to suffer from cystic acne. She started having pimples during her adolescent years and have been brought from one doctor to another just to find a product or method that would somehow make her zits disappear. Sadly, no doctor could make them disappear and she was even advised to eventually move to a cooler place like the US. And how was she going to do that when she had 4 years left to finish law school? Besides, the family has no plans of going abroad.

Avon has that great smell that I like and it comes in different shades but I like NUDE best because it looks natural. Seriously White gives a matte finish so I don't need to put on another layer of pressed powder if I'm in such a hurry. Lastly, Mary Kay.

I grew up witnessing the tortures she had to go through as a person suffering cystic acne. I had to wait long hours outside a dermatologist's clinic and hear her shout as each zit was being pricked. She never allowed me to go inside with her at the clinic. She asked me to stay outside and nibble something while she lay being tortured for hours. Then when it's through, you'd find her with eyes watery and with pimples already shrunk but with blood oozing on top of each one.

Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret, Mary Kay and Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick

This painful cycle went on for years until I reached high school. An international brand launched its products here in Iloilo and we were one of the first to promote the product.

Mary Kay is non-comedogenic making it very gentle on any skin type. Plus, when you use its cleanser and other products, you'll notice they've rid it of the scents and smell so that it's found in it's mildest and most effective form. 

This mask makes your face feel a lot softer afterwards. 

I cannot definitely tell you the brand of this one. This was given to me by a Chinese friend  and as the picture indicates, it's placed below the eyes-- perhaps to prevent the formation of eye bags.
The liquid foundation is great! It stays for almost 12 hours. Even if I don't retouch and sweat a lot, it's still there. And the thing I love the most about their products is that applying layers of moisturizer, foundation and pressed powder, doesn't feel heavy at all! I've used several famous brands [which I will not mention] and they all make your face look thicker and thicker as you retouch. 

I just feel naked without this!
Anyway, this brand has helped stop my mom's skin problem although she still gets pimples sometimes. But the point is, it's the only product which stopped her cystic acne and agony. Haha. You should try it to!

I will tell you in order what I do daily:

1. Wash my face with a facial cleanser.
2. Apply toner.
3. Apply moisturizer and let it sink in for a minute.
4. Apply liquid foundation.
5. Apply a thin layer of pressed powder [additional spf in case you ask me why]
6. Shape and draw my eyebrows just the way I like it. [Haha.]
7. Apply liquid eyeliner or a dark brown eyeliner.
8. Put on mascara.
9. Protect my lips with lip balm. I seldom use lipstick. Just on special occasions.

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