These are some of the few things I'm proud of.

They may have been part of history-- some simple nominations, which you may even consider insignificant-- but they really mean so much to me.

I know someday, I'll be remembered for the things I share and write.

Thus, I give you...

SEO Google.
Not everyone gets the chance to have their blogs optimized by SEO Google for better exposure on the internet. Well, I had mine. I applied and perhaps I passed the requirements since they helped me out with it. However, I no longer think that they still optimize my blog since I can no longer see SEO Google at the bottom. Anyway, still a good achievement. Haha.

Category: Food, Travel and Living.
After the so-called optimization, one can see my blog at the top 10 search results if he/she typed "Articles on Food, Travel and Living"

Editor's Pick of the Day.
I was chosen as one of the Editor's Pick of the Day along with other bloggers.

Tweet @ Twitter.
This blogger over here informed me that I was featured at bloggers. Had I not seen her tweet, I wouldn't have known.

Liebster Blog Award.
This is an award any blogger can give to another so they can help each other to give their blogs the exposure that they need. And I'm so thankful to these bloggers. My apologies for not having complied. I'm often busy. :(

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