Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oyster House Seafood Restaurant

I have always loved eating sea foods! I love eating fresh and grilled fish and tuna. I like seafood mixes cooked with worcestershire sauce and vegetables and so much more. This love for these kinds of foods may be brought about by the fact that lloilo has got great fishing grounds and is a home to various seafood products. 

These shells are called Diwal because they look like tongues stuck out.
In Ilonggo, diwal means to stick one's tongue out. 
This aquarium contains sea water so the shells won't die.
Other places which are very rich in sea foods include RoxasEstanciaAntique and San Joaquin. [If I forgot a few places, just remind me, and I’ll delightfully make an additional entry here.] I’ve been to these places and I was always served with delectable seafood dishes. These foods are just mouthwatering!

Anyway, we went to Oyster House today. This cute yet homey restaurant is located along Brgy. Sta. Filomena in Villa, Iloilo City. They have an impressive menu with a few food titles I never heard before.

So, here it is. I present to you: Oyster House Seafood Restaurant
Artistic plating and garnishing, huh?

Spicy Oyster
Their waiters and staff are very accommodating and resourceful. They make it a point to let you understand every dish you might just be interested on or a similar dish you’re looking for.

Deep-fried Oysters with Tartar Sauce
Deep-fried Oyster
It may not look so yummy on the inside but oysters are very nutritious.
You should look them up in the internet.

Kilpatrick Oysters
with Bacon, Basil leaves and Worcestershire Sauce

French Fries
[in case I didn't like any of the foods we ordered]

This is how the rest of the place looks like...

On the outside, this is how it looks like...

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