Friday, September 16, 2011

Fresh and Quiet at Santa Barbara

Me and the innocent kids
I went to this far flung area in Santa Barbara. I was supposed to visit the golf course they had in the place. However, we were stuck in this isolated area. 

These were rice fields we passed by along the way. 
This is how the fields look like when they're quite ready for harvest.

No public transportation could reach the place. You have to rent a motorcycle for Php 100 to take you to this part of Sta. Barbara and it’s about 7 kilometers from the town. At first, the place looked creepy especially that it resembled that of the places used to shoot horror films. 
Ahh... Just the peace, quiet and stillness no money could buy.
Houses were very far apart and if someone did you something wrong, for sure no one would hear you. Luckily, I was with individuals I trust and I know we will not be harmed. 

Some farmers burn empty rice shells after separating edible rice from their shells 
and the smoke you see in this photo is a proof of that.
On the bright side, I enjoyed smelling the fresh air. The air had that scent of pounded grass and leaves. It was just so relaxing! It felt like having a spa and smelling the goodness of nature. Wow! No wonder people seemed so young and happy in this place. It seemed like there was no room for stress.

This is Ayi and she's very cute and innocent. Agree? 

And we do have healthy cows here in the Philippines! See?

No wonder this little girl in here is so happy and lively. She may be many kilometers away from town but I think she's very lucky to be living a peaceful and quiet place like this where she could just enjoy her innocence and childhood. 

I'd love to buy or develop a ranch someday. I'd fill every spot with good things. I'd plant my own fruits and vegetables so I wouldn't have to buy outside from home.

I feels so good just thinking about it. :)

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