Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Environment at NEO International Language Center

I must tell you that I'm no longer volunteering as a nurse trainee at our school's hospital. Instead, I now work as an English teacher at the NEO International Language Center.

This was me holding a string during our Halloween Party.

I find the place really nice! I'm with my best bud, Hannah and a co-teacher I have met [because we had the same day of interview and orientattion] Lyle.

There's always an activity every month for students.

So, I'm going to tour you a little bit to the place and show you just how happy I am to be surrounded by friendly, sincere and honest people. Well, here goes...

This is the 3rd floor and as you can see there's a big sign which says "English Zone". Even at this area, students and teachers are very much encouraged to speak English.

And this is because I thought you wanted another angle of the place. Haha.

This is where the sign "English Zone" leads to. Just imagine the sign pointing towards the hallway. Also, you find the students' study area and library on this floor.

And just a little further to the left of the library is a room with many 
cubicles for teachers on the 3rd floor. 

This is Hannah Piv's room now. I used to stay here when we were 
on training and I needed an aircon [set to the blast] to keep me cool 
before we start observing classes.

And now, I'm going to show you the little room just beside the elevator [which only functions when food has to be brought to the 4th floor or when there's an extreme need for fast transport of whatever!] and to the right of the "English Zone" sign, the room for group classes of about 4 to 6 persons.

Neo's mission and vision

I have actually been leading you step by step from the 3rd to the 4th floor. So now let's proceed to the staircase leading to the 4th floor, but before that let me show you the bulletin board where announcements are made especially to acknowledge the BEST teacher and student every after each level test.

This picture's not that large so I'm going to tell you that Sir Renante Fernandez a.k.a. Sir "Renz" was Best Teacher and a student named "Danielle" was awarded as Best Student.

The first thing you see when you reach the 4th floor is this: a recreation area with table tennis and billiard tables. On the far end is the students' and teachers' lockers.

When you turn right, you immediately see this: the entrance to the 4th floor. AND THIS is the floor where you'll find my cubicle. Haha.

Just so you want to know, this is a brief history retelling how the school became the now NEO International Language Center from its old name PIKO Overseas Education Center. Zoom it in if you want to know more.

This is the temporary cafeteria managed by a co-teacher at NEO.

Friday is usually a 'free day' so the teacher and student can decide whether to have a class or play a game [educational, that is] instead. The one with the red shirt is the bubbly "Jed", a co-teacher.

Simon's trying his best to think of many words. 
Go, Simon! He's my student, by the way.

This is the stage on the far end of the 4th floor [although behind this stage are the many cubicles for teachers. You have to enter the doors located on either left or right of the stage to get inside and find the teachers' cubicles.

So this is how it looks inside. This view's from the left.

These are Lyle Austin a.k.a. Teacher L.A. [Los Angeles?] 
and Teacher Kim. Very pretty girls!

And now they're standing just along the middle corridor, where my room is located.

Teacher L.A. looking so cute and small. Haha.

This is what you're going to find pasted outside my window.

And just outside my front door...

This is how my table looks on the inside. Sorry about the dirty wall. 
It's because of the double-sided tapes used by previous teachers. 
They'll have them repainted soon!

Sponge Bob and Patrick: just to keep me oriented

And now for a little VIEW FROM THE TOP. Just after the garage, you'll find these huts and a small basketball court [perhaps for students]. The one below's the laundry area for the student's clothes. NEO provides for the accommodation [on the 1st and 2nd floors] and laundry services of the students.

I think this is all for now. See you on my next posts! :)


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