Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Our Pointful Journey

Well, hello guys! It's been ages since my last post. I had trouble trying to log in to my blogger account because I changed my mobile number, and it was the same phone I used to sign in to gmail. Gmail would send me my code there and I completely forgot that I used that number to log in to my blogger account. Thus, the delay.

Anyway, here's some of my photos when we went to a nice resort in San Joaquin, The Assemblage Point. Hope you like it. Enjoy!

"The" infinity pool, so to speak.
This post's quite way, way overdue. We actually went to this place to celebrate a special day. We knew the address but didn't quite know how to exactly get there.

So, we just drove-- stopping every now and then, asking for directions. It was fun because it was starting to get late and the place got farther away, we felt we were about to get lost. And my boyfriend was like, "I'm getting scared now."

And I was like, "Seriously?!" You're the man here. Maybe you completely forgot about that.

When we reached the place, we couldn't use our phones. It was useless. Signals for both networks only worked until before the lobby. So help us, God. But it was nice because we were "forced" to just forget about work and other people.

I wish I had photos of the room we stayed in. It was pretty cozy with all the unique rattan stuff inside. Never mind the rings. We're not getting married yet. 

Me, trying to relax despite the scorching sun. Forgot to bring my sunglasses, that's why.

This is another view from the veranda beside where we had breakfast.

I really like the pool a lot. It's pretty colorful! And the view from up there was just breath-taking especially when you turned to the other side, facing the sea.

Alright! That's me and my cute tummy.

With the love of my life. :)

This was where we actually had dinner with all the few guests when we arrived that night. The place was so romantic. The food was great and there were even fire dancers who entertained us.

I liked this particular spot of the resort simply because it made you look like you're in another country when you really aren't. Haha.

They got cute little stuff here like these.
Well that would be all for now! 


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