Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Boring Day Proved to Be Not So Boring After All

Nothing extr'ordinary today. Just me and myself preparing to go to mass. Had no expectations whatsoever because I've made up my mind that THIS is going to be one boring day. I felt so inactive and stagnant. But wait until you see this...

If my memory serves me right, this is a Red Siberian Husky. I didn't ask the owner.
I was too shy already and this guy's one cute hunk [just don't look at the hairs on his legs].
So I figured I'd just check the internet instead.

I asked several times the name of this chicken from the one in charge of the pet shop.
I got the same answer over and over again. PHEASANT Chinese Chicken is what he would tell me. Checked the internet but no match. Somebody tell me the name of this chicken.
He must have mispronounced it or something.

This chicken actually costs Php 10, 000.00. I asked if I could eat that chicken,
and the pet shop salesman told me, "Only if you could bear to kill and eat a chicken worth 10k."

A python and obviously not the yellow one.
Touched it and it was so smooth and eekie. Haha.

I just love bonsais! I had an obsession with bonsais before. I wanted so much to buy that book worth 3k  at the National Bookstore but failed after ceaseless pleading for my mom to buy me one. She said it wasn't worth it and I believed her. 

Had I bought that book, it would have been part of the many books that lay in the bookshelf waiting to be dusted and read. Haha.

Oh here goes the baby makers! Haha. But still... cute little creatures.

Thus, I conclude, it wasn't a boring day after all. Haha. 


  1. thought makadto ka sa mass.. ngpa pet shop kya gli?? ahahaha

  2. ang chicken che PHEASANT CHICKEN na. hybrid sg pheasant kg chicken...2 different kinds of fowls =D

  3. waiting for my watch to strike 6 so for the meantime, kadto ko anay sa petshop. haha.

    really? it's PHEASANT? so how do i pronounce it? with an F?

  4. huo F..ahahah.. na mispronounce gd mn guwo ni manong..ahah. dn ni nga pet shop? damu d bla dog lovers sa DB...

  5. in front of RCBC sa jaro. near nissan showroom bala.

  6. Hey! I found you on the Newbie Blog Hop!

    Where do you live?

    I love the pet shop that you have nearby. I am a huge animal lover!

  7. Hey,Clever Neighbor! Hmm.. I live in Iloilo City, Philippines. The pet shop's not mine but it's a place I frquently visit because they have several different pets for sale with complete papers and vaccines most of the time.



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