Thursday, September 8, 2011

Come with Me to Rio's Birthday

Some people say that birthdays are just ordinary days but I believe otherwise! Birthdays are important reminders of how blessed you are for having good friends; a body that takes you anywhere you please and a God who continuously showers you with great blessings.

Last Monday night, we went to attend my cousin's coming of age but not at 19... At 33 to be exact. He held his birthday bash at the Smallville 21 Hotel. The cake above is a gift from two of her friends and they made a mistake about the numbers, which my cousin delightfully accepted without any trace of anger whatsoever. 

He didn't want to be remembered celebrating his 33rd birthday that night and so he figured it was such a 'blessing in diguise'. Haha. And to make things even more perfect [to him, that is], he switched the two numbers. Thus, he was celebrating his 23rd birthday and the picture above shows you just how into denial he was. Haha.

That's my cousin, second to the leftmost lady holding the song book.

Well let me tell you something about him. He's the most accommodating person I have ever met in my entire life. He doesn't dwell on talks that lead to gossips [although I expect him to be because gays just love to talk] and that's what I like most about him. Yes, he's gay and forever will be. He loves his family so much and he is an epitome of a child nourished with utmost love by a selfless mother.

He's a very devoted and caring lover. He'll do anything for love. Haha. On the downside of it, there are just individuals who would repeatedly hurt him, and me and my mom would get hurt as well. When he's down, we feel like crying. That's why we keep on tracing his lovers' backgrounds. Lol. I know he understands but in case he doesn't, this blog post will tell him just that.

Food! Plenty of them.
I'm going to stop being sentimental and tell you about this pizza! It's so yummy. I just love the thin crust and the tomatoes. I'm not a fan of tomatoes but eating this kind of pizza made me eat that entire slice of it. It doesn't taste like tomato at all. It's sweet and the pepperoni... never mind the pepperoni! We all know what it takes like so I won't tell you how good it tastes. Haha.

I had nothing to do while waiting for the last guest to arrive and so this...
I look like I'm suffering from Filariasis. Eew! I guess cellulitis would be an easier word. Haha.
Here's the two of us [my brother and me] making a silly pose. Haha.
Well that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed!

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