Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Ultimate 'Croc' Adventure

For some reasons, I don't know why I totally forgot about talking about my adventure in the Crocodile Farm when I was in Puerto Prinsesa with friends.

Perhaps it was because the supposedly cute yet nasty little thing pooped on me. Well, not really. We're talking 3-5ml of the total poop a little croc could make. It did stain my yellow shirt but thank goodness for agility, I was able to anticipate its sh*tting on me. Oh well, here goes...

At the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, I saw this huge skeleton of a crocodile that was believed to be the largest at its time. The croc skin you see mounted on the wall was its skin. After it died years back, they scraped it off from its body and decided to display it for viewing to the public.

There was a tour of the entire conservation center and the guide patiently waited for each one of us to finish before moving to the next attraction as some baby crocs might just be snapping at a tourist's arm before he even notices it.

So these where the cute 'babies' in the tanks. They look like they're sleeping but the guide told us to be extra carefully as they might just snap. They stay in this hatchery until they're big enough to be transferred to the ponds with the other big crocs.

When we visited, there weren't much we saw in their mini-zoo. It seemed like it's been a long time since they last updated the place so all you'll be seeing are pics of me with "the" crocs. Haha.

And this was the nasty little thing that pooped on me. While in this position, I felt its body moving. I could feel this bolus-like structure moving from its stomach to its you know. And then it happened.

I guess I'd like to visit the place again. But I hope that when I do, I'd see some more animals I didn't get the chance to see while I was there in Palawan. 

Til my next adventure! See yah! 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pescador-ing by the Sea

When we woke up the following day after the Canyoneering thing, our bodies were all sore. Seemed like we couldn't move our legs! But! That didn't stop us from getting another quickie breakfast and heading off to the beautiful island of Pescador! 

The first thing to do was to look for the lovely dolphins under the sea. We made noise by hitting the boat with whatever hard object we had in our hands and waited until they surfaced. Luckily, we found lots of them! And they weren't irritated by the noise we made. I wish I had food to feed them. They were just so lovely!

 Then we went to Pescador Island, swam for a while and went in the middle of the sea to look for the Pawikan (Sea Turtle). Sorry, I don't have photos to show you but we swam with it and the experience was just soooo nice.

And here's a photo of us just outside the nice little house we stayed at in Moalboal.

And here's our last stop, swimming with the Sardines.

Cebu Water Adventure

So my previous post was about our first day slash first night in Cebu. Now, I bring you... what happened the "early" morning after. So we woke up at around 2 AM, rode the bus to Moalboal, Cebu at about 3 and arrived at around 5 or 6AM. We had to go to Moalboal first before going to Badian (the starting point of our Canyoneering experience) because that was the place where we found this pretty neat and nice place to make it through the night before we headed off again for the dolphin-watching and swimming with the sardines and Pawikan stuff at Pescador Island. 

Anyway, we did a "quickie" breakfast and drove all the way to our cute little house by the sea. We changed into our RASH GUARDS (the typical outfit worn by people when you search for "Canyoneering" photos on Google) and drove all the way up to Badian, Cebu.

Much to our surprise, we were not ALONE. There were hundreds of tourists [mostly Filipinos] awaiting to experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

When we arrived together with our guides, we immediately put on our head gears and life jackets. They gave us some serious reminders before immersing into the cool blue waters as not following simple instructions could be detrimental to our safety. Thus, we always stayed together plus the numerous head-counts every time we arrived at certain points of our 3-hour journey.

The diving part was what scared me the most. There were cliffs as high as 30 feet from the water but you need not go into that hellish experience if you're really afraid of heights. The highest I jumped was around 10-15 feet and I was soooo satisfied with that. Haha!
Anyway, we did a lot of crazy things like throwing really silly jokes just to calm the others who weren't so fond of jumping, laughing at those who made mistakes while following the guides' orders, doing certain formations and singing while in the water... It was just FUN!

In my next post, I'm gonna show you what happened at Pesacador Island in Moalboal, Cebu.


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