Monday, October 31, 2011

New Pair of Wedge Sandals at Php 99

Who said you couldn't buy a pair of new wedges at Php 99? Haha. Yes, I just did after a three-day sale at a mall nearby and I was sooo happy to have bought it at the cheapest price ever!

Mendrez beige wedge sandals

But I do have to tell you that it's got a little discoloration on the inside part of the wedge. It's very minimal and I guess anyone would buy it at that price. I was to purchase this pair of wedges for my photo shoot at Guimaras Island but was not able to. Instead, I bought a different pair to match the color of my outfit for the shoot.

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Work of Art

I got nothing to do much today. This is just one of the days when I feel like doing nothing useful. Thus, this drawing. Hahaha.

I remember when I was a lot smaller, I'd draw houses with my father and ask him if I could be an architect someday. I don't remember him answering. Maybe he wasn't convinced by my drawings. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My 'Results Day' Look and a Lot About Law School

I’m nervous about today because today is results day. Passed or failed are among the two options I have in mind. I took the LSAT last October 19 and after 2 days the results will be revealed. There were only around 12 of us who took the exam and I was shocked!

I had never taken an exam in my entire life with the venue nearly filled. Mind you, it was not even half way filled and the place was getting colder and colder thinking there were two air conditioning units switched to high cool while there were only more than ten of us.

Anyway, I went to the Dean’s office feeling jittery and nervous. I went to the lavatory [first] just opposite the office so I could relax and keep my cool. However, when I went out and was about to twist the door knob open, I saw a sign which said “Sorry, we are closed.” but it was nearly lunch time. It was 11:25 on my watch. So I was left with no other choice but to go back again at 2:00 PM. I was thinking that that must have been a negative sign.

Dooney and Bourke blue bucket bag
I couldn’t concentrate. All I was thinking was the outcome of the exam. Time was ticking slowly and I was getting more nervous than ever.

The clock struck 2:00 and so I went back to the school again and this time, the sign was replaced with a not so welcoming “We’re open.” I went straight for the door and asked the student assistant for my results. He asked me to take a seat while he wrote something on a small piece of paper. I excused myself and headed for the lavatory. I didn’t like the way I was feeling. I was thinking negative thoughts already and while I stood inside the cubicle, I prayed.

Yeah! I flunked the college entrance exam. The first one's the Law School Admission Test, the 2nd one's the college entrance exam and the 3rd one's English usage. I got a 61 on the 2nd test so I'm up with an inteview with the dean.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Have You Checked Your ‘Poop’ Today?

Fresh Spirulina tabs straight from Hawaii
Just yesterday, I had been invited along with my friend, Donna to this seminar, “Empower Your DLC Business”. I immediately consented because I thought the seminar was entitled “Empower Your Business” and I had been thinking lately of starting a business of my own apart from my parents’. Much to our dismay, it was a Multilevel Marketing (MLM). Simply put, networking. It’s very famous worldwide. Let name a few you might be very familiar with. Vita Plus, Stanhome, Amway, Forever Living, Intra, Alive, et cetera.

I don’t have anything against MLMs. As a matter of fact, we’ve been members of many of them but nothing seemed to pass my mother’s standards. She wanted to sell items very affordable to the masses. She didn’t care if the prices were cheap as long as they were very salable in the market. “Slow but sure,” I would often hear her say. Also, she didn’t like it when people bought items on a credit basis considering that these MLM products have already cost her much. In her own business, she allowed that but in MLM, no.

Red Algae at a plant in Hawaii

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Step by Step: Another Contribution

Panay News
I had always wanted to be a part of a writing institution. Even when I was in elementary, I had always wanted to be a part of the Mariale, the official publication of our school. I liked looking at my name published on paper. What I do next is let my grandpa see my published articles because he had always wanted to be a journalist but was not able to due to financial reasons. So, I take on this path hoping that I might make my grandpa VERY VERY proud of me someday.

Simply put, I want to be a part of a local or national news paper, but I'm not telling you that Panay News actually hired me. I was lucky enough to have had my article published as a contribution. 

I was so happy when I knew and I immediately asked my mom to buy me two copies of Panay News. Some of you may say that I'm a little bit over reacting, but I'm very happy. I feel like floating on cloud nine! So here it goes. My contribution. I might continue writing more and I hope they'd like my outputs so I can see my face on paper often. Haha.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Surprisingly Sweet

Buto't Balat Restaurant
I went to have my final interview at a language center here and I must tell you that it was the shortest interview I had ever undergone in my entire life. I’m not telling you this because it was short and simple. It was short and very brief but the questions came like bullets from a machine gun— short, concise and very straightforward.

Then in less than 10 minutes, we were done and I was asked to wait for a confirmation via sms. I went out to close the door, thinking what I was to do next. The interview went so swiftly and before I knew it, I was out closing the door and walking down the building.

While walking, I was thinking through all the questions that had been thrown at me. I was wondering what had probably gone wrong because the interview was so short. Maybe they didn’t want me! I had no experience whatsoever in teaching. I may not have been qualified. So, I began to text Hannah that the interview was incredibly over in less than 10 minutes.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Wanna Be

I have lately been desiring to buy a Ray-Ban Wayfarer especially now that there’s a stall here at SM City selling the commodity. I was not surprised at all at how expensive it was [the cheapest being Php7, 699] because my parents used to have these sunglasses from Rayban but no longer uses them. I think it’s kind of outdated but I see the style coming back these days. I’d like to use them but because of my wide face, I could not. Hahaha.

I still long to buy them someday. I just need to save—like super save! Yeah, I know. I’m straying from my topic especially that I know you don’t seem to think that that picture above is a Rayban Wayfarer. So, I’m gonna tell you that THAT is not a Ray-Ban, a Police, Chanel or whatsoever brand because it’s brandless. My mom bought it out of sheer need to have her money converted to smaller bills at a boutique near my alma mater. They were on sale and it was at its cheapest. I have been telling my mom that I was looking for a pair of fashion eyeglasses, one that did not have a grade for those with eye defects. And so she bought it and got the smaller bills she needed so we could ride the  jeepney to our destination.

Well, that’s for now! I’m still figuring out other ways to wear the eyeglasses. By the way, I wore this pair in my previous post, My It Things.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Interview Look: Forgetting the DOH Memorandum

My say on the termination of nurse volunteers and nursing volunteer programs, my interview look and many more…

Belle Maison white blouse; Limite dark blue high waisted slacks

The current status of the nursing profession here in the Philippines is making me fret and worry for my future. A memorandum issued by the Department of Health (DOH) regarding the termination of Nurse Volunteers and Nurse Training Programs in all DOH-retained hospitals caused alarm among registered nurses even before they get the chance of dreaming for a brighter future.

And yes, I am one of those thousands of nurses. I had previously worked as a volunteer nurse trainee at a government hospital and had to stop after a few months because that was all they required a nurse trainee— 3 months. Then, you have to rest for at least a month or two and wait for the next opening of the nurse training program.

I had long been thinking about proceeding to Medicine or Law, the only two acceptable courses I had in mind but I quit the thought thinking that my months [to even years] of constant volunteer will take me somewhere.  The memorandum had been issued August, 2011 and still then I did not think it would by all means be implemented although common sense would tell me that it has already been approved. However, my hopes were high and soaring until it was rampantly discussed in national tv stations, local newspapers and radio stations.

Then, like a piece of balloon run out of air, I shrank in my seat while listening to a local radio station discussing in depth the memorandum and its possible consequences. I had to somehow tell myself to give up my dreams for the meantime. Nursing will take me somewhere someday but after several years, maybe.

So I talked to my mom and told her about allowing me to look for a job and earn money and perhaps proceed to another profession. Much to my surprise, she approved and immediately the next day, we went to a nearby university to inquire on how to take the entrance exam.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My It Things

Vivienne Westwood sweater

Mossimo black shorts
Bling bling watch from Avon
Brown leatherette straps from SM Accessories

Sunday, October 9, 2011

E- Jeepney: A Great Leap in Saving Mother Nature

With the advent of technology, people experience a higher and meaningful sense of living. The latest discoveries in the world of computers and other high technology gadgets have convinced us that indeed, man has soared far and high from his previous state of living wandering as nomads. Today, we live in a world where nothing seems to be impossible considering that what mathematicians, physicists and scientists believed before could never exist, now exists in our new world.

However, man’s hunger for discoveries has led him to continue his quest without further considering its consequences. There are always consequences to every action made, and pollution, floods, global warming and catastrophes have been its deleterious effects. Thus, many people have now taken steps in making a conscientious effort of restoring if not, preserving what we already have and enjoy.

With the issues on global warming, several sectors have made certain feasible plans as to reducing the amount of carbon emission to the atmosphere. Many countries have begun their campaign towards a greener environment and with this in mind, they advocated the use of electronic transportations, use of solar panels to run their households and even the use of manure to serve as energy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Puto Bumbong: Whole Year Round

This is one Filipino delicacy especially common in Manila during the Christmas season. This is what you call 'Puto Bumbong'. It's easily acquired during the 'ber' months-- September, October, November and December). It is made of glutinous rice cooked using steam and brushed with healthy margarine

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cooking 101: Creamy Carbonara

Just last week we had to cook food for our guests, the Couples for Christ (CFC) of which my mom has been an active member for almost a decade now. We were stuck at home enjoying a not-so-busy day when we received a phone call saying that we had to be 'that' week's host because the couple assigned for that week could not cater to us due to some personal reasons.

My mom and I thought of easy dishes to prepare. One of which is that Creamy Carbonara you see on top. I will tell you how to easily cook this dish sweat-free! Haha. [Couldn't do that myself. The steam's pretty hot and so I get my self a bit sweaty in the middle of cooking.]

So here are the simple and easy to find ingredients:


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