Sunday, January 29, 2012

Basilica del Santo Nino

So this is the famous Basilica del Santo Nino in Cebu. The altar is where the priest celebrates mass during the Sinulog, a famous festival in the region where anybody can dance along with the beating of the drums. This wide area you see will then be full of people come Sinulog.

These are the statues of the Popes in history. I don't know why there are just four of them but yes, they are replica of the Popes.

This is how it looks inside and on the farthest part, you can see a shrine with a lot of saints. Some ladies kneel and walk up to the alter, praying the novena. It's their form of asking for forgiveness for all the sins they have committed. They believe that if Jesus suffered enough for them, they should also suffer a bit by walking through that very long aisle.

This is a miniature copy of the shrine I was talking about in the above picture. It can get very crowded sometimes so some people choose to touch this replica instead.

I don't know what they call this but this place is on the left of the church when you enter.

I like this fountain so much. Hey! That's me, by the way.

This is my cousin, Jane. She likes to get a few candles and pray every time she's in the premises of the church. This place has been built for people who would like to have a quiet time and pray for their personal intentions.

A lot of people pray in here and those candles just never stop burning.

This is how it looks like on the outside. It's really an amazing view to behold!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Katy Perry Perfume

This was a perfume given to me by my aunt and I simply like the sweet smell although I think it's water-based because it doesn't last that long when you apply it. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Capitol Site Cebu City

So this is a continuation of my 'The Travel Series'. In my previous post, I talked about my photos of the Mandaue-Mactan Bridge which I got while sailing the ship to Cebu. Now, here's another post about another place I have been to while I was in Cebu. These photos were taken on the first day I arrived there.

That's me on the middle. Haha. 

It's kinda big and it's not like most government structures you find all around the Philippines. It looks more like a museum and on the sides are statues of famous Filipinos like Lapu-Lapu, a famous hero who once lived in Cebu. History has it that one of his men defeated Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who tried to conquer the Philippines particularly Cebu at that time.

 A closer look. I really like those cute red ribbons-- very much in sync with the Christmas season.

 It was burning hot but I still managed to smile!

It's funny because I look like I have a very big tummy here. It's because of the dress's design. There are 3 pleats in the middle and they're supposed to make your body have that 'curvy' look but when I sat down, it made me look like some 30-year-old preggy. Haha.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Gift from the One Who Holds My Heart

This was a gift given by my boyfriend. I really like it and I've been looking for a black pair of shoes lately because my flats are a little bit 'retiring'. Haha. You may think I took this photo from some site or something, but I didn't. I took it myself.

Professional-Looking Photo
I'm not a professional photographer and I don't know how to do Adobe Photoshop, so here were the easy steps I did to achieve that edited and 'shot-taken-from-the-studio' look:

1. Get a table. Believe me. You really want to have a place a little bit higher than the floor or else, you'll suffer from backache minutes after.

2. Get a white cartolina, folder or chart. In my case, I bought an Alphabet Chart I brought from the National Bookstore and used the white back part. It was just right!

3. Put your items on top. Make sure that if you take a shot, your background is also white and keep it as clean as it can be. And...

4. Take a shot and enjoy! So that's how I got my studio-like shot of this pair of shoes. You'll be seeing more of these in my next posts.

Lifestyle Change
Anyway, I've been trying to change my fashion style and I think I'm doing just fine. My mom had always warned me about how flats make me look unattractive, but I believe otherwise. I think some people just look good on flats and I think I also look good on them, not to mention my previous post: My Interview Look: Forgetting the DOH Memorandum. I don't think I looke that bad.

I've been into colorful pieces lately and I really love the way I look and the way it makes me forget about my belly. Haha. I will show you some of my shots on my latest fashion finds and style, so keep yourselves posted. Ciao!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Travel Series Part 1

As promised, here's my post about my trip to Cebu. This is officially entry number 1, entitled: Travel Series Part 1. Hahaha. I know. The title's not that enticing. However, you will find some photos interesting, they'd make you want to go and visit them as well.

As you may have noticed, I didn't use a plane to get to Cebu. Instead, I took a ship and if you want to know why, I'd be glad to tell you what really happened that day.

So there I was, looking for a cheaper ticket online. Rates were at Php 3,000+ to Php 5,000 and mind you it's just one way. I usually check airline tickets at Cebu Pacific because they can really help you save a lot of money without having to compromise your safety and comfort.

I remember having to pay only Php 761.00 for three (3) persons: me, my mom and papa. It was very cheap (for me) but I even heard cheaper rates from other persons who were able to avail of their Piso Fare. That's the promo that I actually used to book the 3 of us but turns out it wasn't really Php 3.00 flat. However, it's pretty cheap and very much affordable.

Since I'm always saving money because everything I spend comes from my pocket, I opted to take the ship.

Anyway, I give you my pics to relish and enjoy. 

There are two bridges used to connect Cebu and Mactan. The first one is the First Mandaue-Mactan Bridge and the second of course is... Well you know it, the Second Mandaue- Mactan Bridge.

Well, this one's the second bridge and I opted to take a shot of it since it's my first time to pass by this part of the sea since I was maybe 7 years old. The old one's pretty old and my cousins and I have grown tired of watching it and marveling the site of it every time we ride a ship to Cebu.

This bridge was actually built by wholly Filipino engineers. Pretty cool, huh?

One can see many yachts while passing along this area after the Mactan Bridge. It can be noted that many tourists stay in Cebu and buy homes, lands and even yachts because it's a little like Manila without having to spend to much on certain commodities.

Take a closer look at the picture and you'll see four (4) strips of land. They're actually resorts and I was really amazed when I saw it. There were huts and white houses. It looked so relaxing from afar.

And this is my shot of the entire length of the bridge. It was 7:00 am that time but it looked like it's headed to dusk.

This one's a picture of a fisherman. He's all alone unlike all the rest of the tiny boats with at least 2 fishermen in them. This picture reminds me of Aetas aged 4 to maybe 12 years old. They would ask you to drop a coin as alms and they'd swim after it while you watch them going deeper into the water.

This had been like a tradition to passengers going to Cebu but I know that the government does not approve of this, and so when I went there this time, I only saw boats with loads of net, fish and fishermen. The kids were no where to be found. I wonder what happened to them. 

To be continued...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Teal and Sage Accessories

Are you a fashionista? Hmm... I have always believed that being fashionable doesn't always mean wearing the same colors of bags and shoes daily. Wearing a plain-colored shirt on top an animal print pair of pants or leggings. Blah. Blah. Blah.

I really think that a fashionista is someone who dares wear what most people wouldn't dare to wear. She's someone who's got a 'nose' for shoes and the latest fashion finds without the wrong perception that expensive equates something that'll look good on you.

Well, the photos you will be seeing next are my shots of Teal and Sage's accessories, which I had bought from them last December. I really like them only that I didn't even get to wear them because they were my gifts to some important friends.

Well here you go...

Beaded Connector Ring

"Love" bronze necklace

"Love" bronze connector ring
Now the following photos are not mine and were taken from Teal and Sage's albums.

They have lots of accessories to choose from. Buy now before they run out of stock!
Arm Candies

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Travel Series

It's been a very long time since my last post, and believe me-- I hate to have to stop blogging for a while. If it wasn't for my trip to Cebu, then I wouldn't have to prepare a lot of things to the point of abandoning my blog. Ooh! [Sometimes, I begin to hate myself because my stats have been down since I stopped.] Anyway, what's important is that I am here and I have lots of good stuff to share with you:

1. To be in sync with all the "new" stuff after the celebration of the new year, I present to you my latest header and layout. I want it to be simple and white this time. It makes my blog look neat and clean. Uh-huh. I like it too! Haha.

2. I will be making a travel series-- showing you a few of the places I have been to while I was in Cebu. I can't promise you very good photos but I hope to instill in you the kind of happiness and excitement I felt while I was in the beautiful Queen City of the South.

The famous Mactan Bridge
Capitol Site
Basilica del Santo Niño
Magellan's Cross

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

The Terraces, Ayala
Casa Verde Restaurant
Costa de Letecia Resort

This will, however, be done in a post-by-post basis. [I cannot guarantee daily posts but I will do my best to keep it very up-to-date. Haha.]

3. I have finally decided to quit proceeding to Law School [for now] and continue with my profession. After a serious talk with my aunt who now lives in Florida as a physical therapist, I am now able to see my path clearly. She said she would do all that she could to help, so that many of us (relatives) can stay together abroad.

4. I have been doing well in my Mary Kay business and will be showing you some photos of the products that I sell soon. Thus, I will either be changing or updating my shop name and display, so see you soonest! ^ ^,

Monday, January 2, 2012

AsianVogueShop + Glamourville x WWW Giveaway!

Hello, everyone!
I've been very blessed this year and there's no better way to share the love and happiness by giving you lovelies 
amazing giveaways from mygenerous sponsors!

Go glam this 2012 with designer-inspired shoes from Asian Vogue Shop and Glamourville!


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