Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ayala Cebu

I really enjoyed strolling inside this mall. It has a unique structure and I love how they were able to think of putting up that colorful landscape outside for the people to enjoy. Inside, the mall's a little big and the stores are nice. I remember going inside Forever 21. There also lots of restaurants to choose from.

Sometimes, I am reminded of the airport when I see this photo. Lol.

We looked like we were really having a good time. Haha. At that time, we really did except the time when we had to go back home. I really felt exhausted and the sun was sooo hot.

Another view from the outside. This is a one-with-nature shot. Hahaha.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wardrobe Panic

Looking at this mess makes me want to puke! I'm not exaggerating but my clothes look better than this if I just have enough time to fix them.

Lately, I've been very busy to the point of being not able to prepare my clothes the night before.
Thus, I always end up eating less than my usual breakfast and putting on make-up in less than 10 minutes.
Sigh. I really want to unwind. Say go to the beach.
Wear my swimwear and simply enjoy the sun and the feel of cold smoothie going down my throat. Hahaha.
How detailed! 

However, I can't. I just wish I had more time for myself. I also end up wearing not-so-good clothes so I end up wearing an outfit I never really wanted to wear. Sometimes, it just pisses me off to think that I could've worn something better had I prepared it the night before.

Maybe I need to use my time wisely and try my best to balance my time. :(

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tukila with Friends

These were photos of me and my friends drinking TUKILA WITH FRIENDS, a mixed drink of Tequila and something else. We ordered another pitcher. This time it was a MANGGA TUKILA (Mango Tequila). By the way, it's TUKILA because the place's name is TUKI. 

 This one's the unique and cute menu. Almsot everything had a TUKI word in it. Hahaha. 


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