Friday, September 30, 2011

Liquid Eyeliner and Concealer

I went to our so called 'Avon Lady' [as popularly mentioned in their advertisements: "Talk to your Avon Lady now!" Haha] to deliver some of our products, which she had been disposing to some customers for a few years now. 

In business, it's pretty important to know how to give and take. As a seller yourself, you should know how it feels to be driven away or rejected when attempting to sell your product and I don't want her to feel just that. I buy from her because I like some of the products and what's good about it is that I get the products at discounted prices because  she has signed me up. I hesitated but she said there were no quotas to meet. This will even help me and my mom buy their products for personal use at very affordable prices.

I often tell myself that I wouldn't get any product anymore because I often buy at a cash basis to avoid having unnecessary debts. But every time we stop by her office, she would tell us these promos and present eye-catching products in their quarterly brochure and there it goes. We buy another set of products to be paid about a month after.

So here were my picks although I originally ordered the more expensive ones. They were out of stock and so she got me these. I had to have these for my upcoming photoshoot and so I had to get any brand as long as they served the same function. I always believe that in general, products which are more expensive are always the better ones compared to their cheaper counterparts. Like antibiotics, more expensive products meant better quality and functionality.

However, there are certain exemptions. All you have to do is to be a wide user of products so you can compare and know which products do better than the rest.

I have yet to tell you about these in my next posts. May be talk about if it wears off easily. If this concealer up here really conceals unwanted blemishes and pimples and the like. Do inform me of products that don't cost as much but work effectively like most famous brands known for their good quality.

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