Thursday, September 22, 2011

3rd Oldest Santo Niño Image in the Philippines

The 3rd oldest Santo Niño in the Philippines

Sometimes, when we just get used to some things around us, we tend to take them for granted. I've been thinking of great travel destinations that's easy on the budget [of course!] and not too difficult to find. I've thought of places out of town until I heard about this church in Arevalo. It's called the Santo Niño de Arevalo Parish.It's been there since 1851 and holds the Philippines' third oldest Santo Niño image.

Since the Spanish colonization, the Filipinos have been taught one major thing and that is to accept Christianity. This 'forced' acceptance may be the reason why majority of Filipinos are Roman Catholics up to this day. However, we know so well that gone were the days when unbelievers of the church had to be excommunicated, punished or put to exile. But up until now we still see many families bonded by the Catholic faith and I must admit that the church has done a great job in putting the nation intact by believing in one God.

Anyway, back to our topic...

I must be honest but the place isn't really that good compared to old churches such as the St. Anne Parish in Molo or the Nuestra Señora dela Candelaria Parish in Jaro [which I will soon be featuring in my next posts] . Yes, it's pretty old but I have noticed that some parts of the church were changed-- maybe in an effort to prevent the church from totally deteriorating but I must tell you that the structures beside and above the altar are spectacular! I like to look at the two huge and sturdy spiral pillars just beside the big cross at the center.

I don't know but as I have mentioned in my other posts on churches, I have come to realize that all churches look so bright and pure. Very relaxing and calming.

Well, this will be for now. I have yet to find and discover better churches and be even more fascinated by them!


  1. Thank you [as if I own the church]. Haha. You should know that it's within the city limits. Old architecture doesn't need to take you that far just so you could find an interesting place.

  2. I live near here! A humble and simple Church.. =)



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