Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Symbol of Ilonggo Pride

I will not let this month pass without ever publishing a post on one of perhaps Iloilo's priceless milestones. On the 25th of August this year, a very important figure called the Lin-ay sang Iloilo [very symbolic of every Ilonggo's aspirations, rich culture and industrious people] had been unveiled to the public on the same day of the city's celebration of its 74th Charter Day.

Forgive me. This is the nearest shot I got. I don't think it's pretty cool climbing up to the top
with all the carpenters and foremen looking at you while you take shots. Haha.
This was the only information I gathered after careful listening and watching while the local news were being aired that day...

This structure was made by Prof. Eduardo Defensor who explained in depth every thing that could be seen and found on the statue from head to toe. The statue is made of bronze and is a replica of a woman who holds harvested rice stalks in her arm. On the other, she holds a scythe, which had long been the tool used by farmers in harvesting rice and other products in Iloilo. 

*Iloilo abounds with hectares of plains which yield abundant root crops and rice products, giving livelihood to thousands of Ilonggo families.

She wears a bandanna, which is rampant among farmers especially during summer when the sun is emitting scorching heat. Also, she wears the patadyong which is a type of clothing used my almost every Filipino during the Spanish rule and shortly thereafter.

Well, there you go! Another important figure in Philippine history discussed.I know this may seem like general knowledge especially among Ilonggos but who knows? I might just be the first person to bring you such knowledge.

Just think of it this way: Now you have more stories to tell. And not just made up stories, mind you, but real stories in history. :)

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