Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mary Kay Cosmetics

Today, my mom and I were invited by my classmate in college to attend a seminar sponsored by Mary Kay. 

The Time Wise Collection. I just love this set!

Limited Edition nail polish. We won this during the raffle draw.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good to Have Them Around

Lia and Cherry are my trusted friends. Oh! Don’t get me wrong. They’re not the only friends I trust. Of course I have a few others but they’re the two who always keep their promises no matter what. Having them as friends make me feel like I have this “sense of direction” in my life.

I always look up to them. Aside from the fact that they’re very smart and beautiful individuals, I think I owe them a lot for getting me back on track and listening to me whenever I’m down and need someone to talk to.

They’re my source of strength and the persons I get energy from and the drive to keep me going.

Lia, by the way, is taking up Medicine. So maybe after 3 more years from now, I might be calling her Dr. Delfin. She’s got a popular blog entitled “What, Where and Wearabouts”.

This blog showcases her love for fashion and her unique sense of style. Also, you’ll find many interesting things about her family, her other ‘loves’ and more about who she really is.

Cherry on the other hand is pursuing the nursing career. She’s been volunteering for 9 straight months now and she’s really doing well. Unlike me, she continues to believe that volunteering will make her reach her dreams and aspirations.

Oh well. Here I am feeling a little confused about what career to pursue. After an interview with the dean for having been on the waitlist after getting a score of 61 on the abstract reasoning [Haha!], the dean has finally allowed me to defer my enrolment for the next school year provided that I comply with their list of requirements.

Anyway, my mom doesn’t want me to take up law anymore and I’m on the verge of breaking down. Haha. Really. I don’t have a choice but I’ll continuing praying because if it’s for me, it will happen.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not Too Late

I was browsing through some of my files when I saw these! Ahh! This was taken last November 1, 2011 at Robinson’s Mall. There was a contest for the different categories for Halloween costumes.

Some were so scary. Some were funny but nonetheless they looked like they’re really going on a Halloween costume party.

This is just going to be a brief photo blog. Hope you like it!

Monday, November 21, 2011


I didn't expect much from my day today but I really had a lot of fun. It's Friday and of course, it's FREE day. Me and my students get the chance to choose whether to have a class or not.

I spent almost the entire morning watching movies, but there's no subtitles! This makes it all difficult for students to understand. Their listening skills will surely be put to the test.

Picture-taking for IDs. Hahaha.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Triple Treat!

Well, let me begin by telling you that today is November 11, 2011 [11-11-11], considered perhaps the luckiest day for the year 2011. Also, today is the famous Pepero Day in Korea, so many students were giving us Peperos. They’re [straight] pretzels coated with chocolate, nuts or both. I was lucky enough to have received 2 Peperos coated with chocolate and almond bits. Tastes really good!

Pepero for Sir Larry and not for me...

Tradition has it that the company, Lotte, introduced the exchange of Peperos to Koreans. Some Japanese know about this special day in Korea but they seldom or perhaps never practice this good gesture of giving.

Giving Peperos is most especially common among couples— to express their love for one another. However, anyone can buy and give Pepero to whomever the person pleases. Some students say that this celebration has a commercial agendum and that is tricking Koreans into buying Peperos to increase the company’s sales.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So Proud of My Little Cousins!

This issue was supposed to come out on a Sunday but because it didn't seem like news if it had been published for more than 2 weeks, the people working for the paper may have thought of publishing it today. Then, I bought 4 copies to be given to my aunts and uncles in Cebu. Plus, a copy for the Mayor of Alegria, Cebu.

I made this article because I was so proud of my cousins although they didn't win first place. The fact that they were able to participate in an event like that made and still makes me so proud of them!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Environment at NEO International Language Center

I must tell you that I'm no longer volunteering as a nurse trainee at our school's hospital. Instead, I now work as an English teacher at the NEO International Language Center.

This was me holding a string during our Halloween Party.

I find the place really nice! I'm with my best bud, Hannah and a co-teacher I have met [because we had the same day of interview and orientattion] Lyle.

There's always an activity every month for students.

So, I'm going to tour you a little bit to the place and show you just how happy I am to be surrounded by friendly, sincere and honest people. Well, here goes...

This is the 3rd floor and as you can see there's a big sign which says "English Zone". Even at this area, students and teachers are very much encouraged to speak English.

And this is because I thought you wanted another angle of the place. Haha.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

For the First Time: La Carlota Church

This was a trip I had to La Carlota City, almost an hour’s travel from Bacolod City. We had this seminar in our La Carlota branch and before going back home to Iloilo, I asked if we could drop by the church for a short while.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clothes, Clothes, Clothes!

I’d like to show you the clothes I wore for my past photoshoot. I apologize for not being able to update on the photoshoot. [The photographer seems to be very busy right now that he still isn’t able to upload the pics we had at Guimaras.]

Anyway, here they are…

I don’t own much. I just have these few pieces like the Bebe blue sleeveless with beads on the front lining on the neckline; a Nancy Crystal animal print [the one  I especially chose to wear for the shoot]; and a Levi’s long sleeves my cousin gave to me on his first voyage as a seaman.

I forgot the brands of the other ones since they’re on the laundry basket as we speak and I don’t like to touch them yet. Hahaha.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Amidst the Blur and Fuss

So here goes my contribution again. I made a post to stupidly tell you that it's the 2nd to be posted and that I personally like this article. I made if from the heart and I hope that other persons might be inspired as well. 

I don't know. Maybe I'm just so dramatic but I like it when I sincerely get comments such as touching their lives or becoming an inspiration to somebody else, et cetera. 

Do I want to be popular? 

I'll honestly tell you I do, but in a positive way. I'd like to be known as a person who lived her life changing other people's perceptions about life in general. I don't know but if given a chance, I'd like to have a column someday. I don't know what that may be [or what I might just be talking about in that column] but I'm up for anything so long as it's for the common good.

I sound like a politician but I don't want to be one. It runs in the blood but not in my own. Haha. Anyway, enough of this! I just like to share my happiness to all of you.

I might be writing maybe every after 2 weeks or so because I'm a little busy right now. So, grab your Sunday copies of Panay News.

By the way, I also have a friend who writes so well at Panay News. We used to be schoolmates in nursing school before.

His name is Jofer Serapio and you can find more about his 'deepest thoughts' at


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