Thursday, February 16, 2012

Metropolitan Cathedral

This is how the church looks like on the sides. I really like the park because it's just so relaxing.
A lot of people come to this place to sit with family and friends sometimes and they don't even look like they're there to go to mass or do some religious obligations.

I really like to look at this flight of stairs.

 And this, for me, is the best view inside the church.

This is a shop named after Pedro Calungsod, a Filipino saint.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Colorful and Bendable Bracelets from Gorgeous

Take a look at these very colorful and unique bendable bracelets from Gorgeous. Don't you just love them? The first time I saw them, I fell in love with them!

However, this one's the one I chose to have for myself. I gave the other one to a Japanese student because I really liked her. She's always so sweet, bubbly and amiable.

Thus, I gave the blue and brown one to her. The yellow one makes my hand look fairer. I thought she didn't need the yellow one because she's already very fair. Hahaha.

What I also love about the store aside from their unique accessories is their packaging. They give you this paper bag every time you purchase and I think it's just soooo cute!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Curious Body Souffle

So this one was also given to me by my aunt who lives in the US. This one's Curious [I don't know if I have to say "for" or "by" Britney Spears.]. This body souffle's really good and it gives that after-shower freshness you'll love to wear the whole day.

I've used this several times and this is like the only perfume [I have used so far], which made men say, "You really smell good." Haha. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Party Animals Despite Earthquake Intensity 6.9

Lyle, Me and Chloe
I was having a class with my student on the 4th floor when all of a sudden we felt an earthquake move our table back and forth. It lasted for a few seconds and I must admit that it was one of the scariest earthquakes I have ever experienced in my entire life.It was even scarier than experiencing air pocket while on a plane in a windy or stormy weather.

I had to calm down and slowly tell my not-so-surprised student that we were experiencing earthquake at that time. When the shaking didn't stop when I thought it would already, I asked her to slowly go down the table and cover our heads.

I didn't think of getting her outside the classroom because I was thinking of scenes in the movies 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow where the ground would suddenly crack open and swallow people alive. I was so scared and I just prayed and prayed for our safety.

(L to R) Rex, Me, Lyle, Tom, Angelie, Vito, Stephanie and Erl in that red shirt
After the shaking stopped, I asked her to run outside and go to the first floor where we saw everyone else standing and talking loudly about what happened. Most of our students are Koreans and they were so shocked because they have never experienced an earthquake their entire lives and to think that it had a magnitude of 6.9.

We stood and waited outside until we were all signaled to come back inside. Some teachers and I ate outside and we experienced an aftershock. I was so scared already but I tried my best to keep it under 
After lunch, we had a meeting and it was decided that classes would be suspended because of the incident. I was scared but I thought it would be wiser to stay with my friends. I thought, I didn't want to die alone sitting inside a jeepney with some passengers whom I didn't know.

It was so funny how we finally decided to go to Smallville instead of going back to our homes. Eventhough the aftershock was over, I still felt scared especially I couldn't help but worry for my Mama and Papa.

Nanako, Lyle, Chloe and I decided to think about what just happened at Coffeebreak while others decided to look for a place where they could drink and have fun. I really felt guilty because I knew I had to be at home with my parents but I also didn't want to go home alone and so I just stayed with them. I thought I'd feel better dying with them than dying alone.

Death was one thing I kept on thinking at that time although  know it was not a good thing to think of. I was just so scared and I could still feel my adrenalin rushing after 2 hours or so.

Errol and Me
Nanako, a Japanese student manager, kept on insisting that things would be okay. I'm such a transparent person and I find it really difficult to hide what I really feel. Thus, I know she saw how worried I was. Chloe [the Korean Junior Camp Teacher/ Student] on the other hand, showed such bravery and composure. It was as if nothing happened. She was just smiling even when she read messages from family and friends who were very worried about her and her condition in Iloilo.

I know these pictures may seem inappropriate but I hope you see it in a different light. We were trying or should I say... I was trying to pretend to be enjoying while my head was filled with thoughts of my family members especially those living in Cebu.

However, we were all able to overcome our fear with utmost happiness. We went home feeling a little less scared and very happy. Filipinos are really damn good at making something good out of something very terrible or should I say disastrous?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Magellan's Cross

This is the famous Magellan's Cross in Cebu City. A lot of tourists from all over the country and all over the world come and take photos of this large cross. This was believed to be the cross that Ferdinand Magellan, planted on the ground the moment he reached the island of Cebu. This cross symbolized the Catholic faith.

These women in yellow shirts and red skirts dance for you in exchange for money. Their dance and prayers are believed to heal any disease inflicting a person. The dance they perform is the original "SINULOG" dance. You don't need to really go to the streets and dance with people in gorgeous costumes to be able to say you did the Sinulog Dance.

This is, of course, not the original cross he planted. It is encased inside this big cross perhaps to preserve that very cross from decaying in time.

I know. I wear the same kind of dress since the start of this Travel Series. Haha. I'm sorry but I was too excited to waste any minute. In one day, my cousin and I had toured almost all of the most popular places any tourist would be led to if history and culture of the place was to be discussed.

When inside, turn your head towards the ceiling and this is what you'll find. Mural paintings were really popular decades back, and old churches and architecture are proofs of these wonders.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Writing From the Heart

I always find refuge in writing. It's the most powerful tool to simply express yourself without hesitation. It's the best way to badmouth someone without having to lose your temper and manners.

The past two weeks had been one of the most difficult times in my life. It was 14 days of emotional ups and downs. I broke up with my boyfriend and I felt a little empty. I cried for maybe five minutes and I realized I should put it to an end. There was no use crying over something that was simply not meant to be.

For months [even way before we broke up], I had been feeling alone. And what difference did it make now that we weren't together? I realized that life really is what you make it. You always hold the key to your happiness and if you want to be sad, then you will be. If you choose to be happy, you will always find several reasons to smile. If you choose to see black when it's all colorful and vibrant, it will simply be how you think of it.

It's just so funny now that I came to understand that the reason why I was so sad before [during my first heartbreak] was because I put too much emphasis on 'who I was not'. I always felt so small and little. Sometimes, even if there were so many chances and opportunities to laugh, I never took it. I always dwelt on the bad side and my life really fell apart. But the good thing was, I was able to pick up the pieces and start over again. 

Along the way, I met a lot of people. Some were simply passers by while others stayed for good. Those who stayed, continue to strengthen me up to this very day.

Well, here I am choosing to be happy amidst the confusion inside my head. I have come to realize that in my 18 months of being in the relationship, I have been living my life alone-- battling alone. When I had problems, I never really had someone who helped me ease the pain. I only had myself to help me heal the wounds, to help me patch things up and stand up again. Don't get me wrong. I loved him but I grew tired of loving someone who couldn't simply show you how important you were to him.

Now, all I know is I don't want to be in a relationship for a very long time. I want to be single and get myself on track before dealing with love again. I want to be halfway my goals and dreams, and right now there's this one guy who inspires me to work even harder.

I don't know how this will work especially that I never told him how I felt for him. Well, why should I? I'm a woman. Therefore, he should go after me and I think it would be such a shame for me to be telling him how I feel. I guess I will never get the chance to tell him. I guess it will be forever locked up inside.

He's very far from me now like oceans apart. I only wish I could see him again the moment he comes back. Now, all I have of him are memories to keep me smile. I will always remember the way he laughs and shakes his legs like a child just because he thinks something's really really funny.

I will always remember the way his eyes would shut close each time he smiles and the way he would look at me with such tenderness.


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