Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top 4 Things I Can Probably Never Live Without

These are perhaps one of the many things one can find in my 'beauty' purse. I'll discuss each one and tell you just how happy and satisfied I am with them.

From L to R: Loreal Bare Natural Mascara, Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick,
Mary Kay Matte-Wear Foundation and Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer

1. Loreal Bare Natural Mascara
This one's pretty handy and it comes in an animal print design on the outside making it look like some fashionable accessory in your bag instead of 'it' looking like a real cosmetic thingy.

It really lives up to its name: Bare Natural. When you put it on, it really gives that natural look on you lashes. It's just wonderful! Just don't forget to shake it before using though. This gives better results.

2. Revlon Superlustrous Pearl/ Sparkling Cider Lipstick
This lipstick is really one of my favorites since it gives your lips that natural and almost 'nude' color. It's pretty simple yet it leaves that little demure metallic glow after putting it on. This one's really nice to wear on the day time and especially when you're wearing pastel-colored shirts and skirts.

3. Mary Kay Matte-Wear Foundation
Every woman should know that foundation serves as our protection against the heat and dust. Whenever you put on foundation, you are preventing dust to penetrate your pores and eventually cause the growth of pimples.

This foundation had been my favorite since I was in college. I had been using this for almost 6 years now. It's always so good to use. It gives your skin that natural look. This foundation comes in different shades to suit the color of your skin like Ivory 1 (for Caucasians maybe), Ivory 2 (a little darker shade), Beige 2 (for most Filipinos and Asians with not so fair skin) and Beige 4 (for the darker ones).

This product is especially made for oily-skinned individuals who'd like to get rid of those excess oil. It's just 29mL but believe me, I can consume one tube in a span of almost 2 years. No need to worry. This product expires 3 years after you buy it. So no stress. :) By the way, this one's got no SPF++ factor so it can't basically protect you from the sun, so the next one's my solution to that.

4. Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer
The reason why it's called tinted moisturizer is that it's got color or shade (tint) and it already contains moisturizer so you don't need to apply moisturizer before applying it unlike the Mary Kay Matte-Wear Foundation. It's got SPF++ also so you don't need to hide under wide umbrellas. Haha.

Anyway, I really like to use this one especially when I'm in a hurry and I anticipate to be under the sun for a long time. The drawback is that you need to retouch often or use your mineral pressed powder to keep your skin looking dry and smooth. It's got moisturizer so you can expect a little greasiness. Nonetheless, it's really good.

So, these are the reasons why I just love these four!
Hope you learned something from me today.
Have a happy Sunday! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Retro Phone

This Retro Phone was a present to me by someone pretty special and close to my heart. The phone's really cute plus you can use it for your iPhone.

It's really chic and elegant! They come in different colors and this one's a hot pink. 
It may not be that convenient especially when you go for a device to help you free your hands from anything but it's pretty cute. Giving it as a present is simply such a sweet idea.. :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Casa Verde Restaurant

If you want to enjoy mouthwatering and great-tasting food, 
take a time to visit Casa Verde restaurant in Cebu City, Philippines. 

This is Casa Verde's Special: Brian's Baby Back Ribs
The platter is way too big and eventhough it tastes really good, 
I can't consume the entire platter by myself.

And this me enjoying a glass of their watermelon smoothie...

This one's a green mango smoothie...

My cousin-- savoring everything at Casa Verde.

Aside from the good food, the place has got that "homey" environment.
The waiters and waitresses are really friendly and accommodating. 

  I forgot this one but this one's a Banana Boat thingy... :)
The cake in the center really tastes good! Soft and moist! Hmm...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starbucks: You Never Fail to Make My Day...

And this is because I woke up early in the morning craving for Starbucks and now, I'm feeling hungry.
I didn't have breakfast yet. Haha.

I feel lazy so this one's going to be a brief photoblog post.
All pics here are actually a compilation of the times I've been to Starbucks. Not all though.
Just the ones I like to post.

And this one's got my name on it. It was a late night affair. Haha.
Good! Even without dinner thereafter.

This one's my crazy cousin enjoying the ambience at Starbucks, Ayala Center, Cebu City. 

He never takes life seriously but he's one good guy... Haha.

Crazy! He's a seaman, by the way. He's long been looking for Ms. Right.
If anyone interested, don't hesitate to e-mail me. Hahaha.

This one's Jun Won Choi a.k.a. Allen. He looks really crazy but he's a very nice guy.
More like a brother to me! I miss him!

This is Lyle Austin Pangantihon. L.A. for short. Haha. 
She's my bestfriend in the ESL that I'm presently working at.

 So I would just like to inform you that I completed all the slots and got myself a cute planner! Ho! Ho! Ho!
Merry Christmas!

And this branch's at Iloilo City. They all quite look the same except for those not so comfortable chairs.

I just love the way they artistically put those designs on the tiny black board they have there!

 Could've been a good picture so I still wanna post it here!


Peppermint Chocolate Bar??? 
I really forgot. Tastes good though but the peppermint flavor spoiled all the fun!

Hope you all enjoyed! Bon Appetit! :)


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