Thursday, September 1, 2011

Plaza Libertad

We had to deliver something to Pontevedra, Negros Occidental, and so we went to the pier for Bacolod. After sealing the documents and finally going out of the ferry's office, my mom had to call the secretary to inform the package's time of arrival. 

I asked her if we could stay at the plaza for a while while she spoke with the secretary and some other individuals. The calls took some time and so I had ample time to take all these shots.

The colors [to me] are just so vibrant and attractive. Who would have thought these photos were taken from a plaza, which most people just pass by daily, taken for granted.

Sorry about the redundancy!

I forgot to capture a closer picture of what was written on the plaque below Dr. Jose Rizal's statue but I think it's a replica of his original statue at the famous Luneta Park, which is guarded by real soldiers day and night. These soldiers rarely move, just during a synchronized time of the day. No matter what you do, they will not move unless it's time to do so.

Translation: This is the monument of bravery of the heroes of Panay. This is where the rebellion force headed by General Martin Delgado gathered and raised the flag of the Philippines as a sign of the end of the Spanish dictatorship in Panay on December 25, 1989. This was declared as a national historical sign last November 17, 2003.

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