Friday, September 2, 2011

Just to Change Things a Bit

Well today [just for a change], I'm gonna show you what happens in my usual 'busy day' when I have errands to do.

Ice Scramble is a kind of cold beverage where ice is crushed and flavored. It usually comes in a pink color [strawberry flavored, that is] and is topped with toppings of your choice. Toppings may include candy sprinkles, Nips [our own version of M and M's chocolate], pinipig [puff rice], and many more.
This kind of beverage was considered a street food before and still is now [haha]. The only difference is that this one's clean since they're available for franchise and you know what that means. The quality and cleanliness of food should be maintained in all its branches.
Woke up at about 8:00 AM and checked on my e-mails. Headed for the shower and dressed up in my most comfortable clothes, which always include jeans and whatever top I can fish from my closet. I wrapped a pair of flip flops because my mom said we were going to have our feet pedicured and I had decided wearing my black flats for today's errands.

First stop: the bank. We had to deposit money for our suppliers and that meant waiting in line. And not just an ordinary line [mind you] but a very very long line. Got our number and it read 24. They were serving number 64 which meant that we had to wait until it all goes back to number one after the hundredth customer.

So I will tell you briefly that it took us nearly 4 hours to wait inside the bank before we could finally have lunch at around 1:45 PM. I was so hungry I felt I needed to eat at a place where I can eat plenty of carbs.

When you dine at Mang Inasal, you'll notice there are three containers for condiments: soy sauce, vinegar and chicken oil. Filipinos usually squeeze calamansi into that tiny saucer above and mix either soy sauce, vinegar or both. This then becomes a mixture for dipping grilled chicken or inasal.

So we went to Mang Inasal to eat an entree which costs Php 85 with the privilege of eating unlimited rice. [It's like having a bottomless beverage only that it refers to rice this time.] The owner is a young Ilonggo entrepreneur. He started the business last 2003 and since then his business flourished fast and well. The food is good and it doesn't cost that much. 

Because we were done eating and had our stomachs full, we went Aquarius Spa to have our feet pedicured and my my mom's hair dyed. She had her eyebrows shaved [but not entirely!] as well.

This is a "Pussy Red" color. Like it! Makes my toes looked stained with blood. Haha. Kidding.
I haven't tried their other services here except for the pedicure. This lady here and the others as well give good pedicure services. They don't hurt you by pushing your cuticle too much and accidentally injuring your toes.

So this is my usual itinerary during busy days except for the going-to-the-parlor thing. Really busy and tiring...

And before I end this post, let me show you how a 'dirty' ice scramble looks like. That's what we call it here in the Philippines. When you see ice cream sold by peddlers, it's called 'dirty' ice cream. We call it that way because you're never sure how they prepared the food and if you're unlucky enough, you might get food poisoning. Nonetheless, the food is good and people eat them often with few reported cases of the above food poisoning.

I don't know what flavor this is but I think it's just food coloring. When I was in elementary this was the only kind of street food along with 'dirty' ice cream that my mom and pup allowed me to eat.


  1. Mang Inasal i believe started the revolution of offering Grilled chicken in a fastfood concept..

  2. Yes, I believe so. We also have Jo's Chicken Inato here. They have good tasting inasal and offer unlimited rice. However, this offer began only after Mang Inasal materialized their concept.



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