Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Native Chocolate and Donuts

I’d like to share with you a food and beverage that not only I but many other Cebuanos enjoy. 

The cylindrical donut below is called bichokoy or shakoy in Cebuano and is made by making dough in this cylindrical shape and is deep-fried in very hot oil. It is then coated with sugar before serving.

A favorite beverage to match this kind of bread is tsokolate.

Tsokolate with beaten egg.

Tsokolate is made by boiling hot water and dissolving tablets of cocoa or cacao in a casserole. Cocoa is used to make chocolates. Thus, after boiling water and cocoa together, it produces hot chocolate but in its very natural form. Drinking the beverage gives the feeling of sand in your mouth and these sand-like substances are bits of cacao formed during the making of these tablets.

This beverage is a rich source of polyphenol antioxidants which highly reduce the risk of cancer or heart diseases. Cacao or chocolate is known for keeping people from getting depressed. Thus, when you're sad or experiencing a heartbreak, a bar of chocolate can definitely help. Don't eat too much though. You might end up gaining unwanted fats.

In the photos above you’ll find my favorite brand of cacao tablets from Cebu. They are sold here at Kalby’s [formerly known as Evergreen Meatshop] in Iloilo City. This maybe because the in-law of the owner happens to be a resident of Cebu but have decided to do business here in Iloilo. She had put up a café beside Kalby and I have yet to visit the place.

So see you in my next posts on the café I was talking about.



    1. Hi, Ruby! You can buy it at Carbon, the wet market in Cebu or at La Fortuna Bakeshop. :)

  2. Hi Chairein,

    I hope you can help me know where we can buy the Golden tree Natural Chocolate. I've been looking for this in Cebu but can't seem to find any.

    Any help will be highly appreciated.

  3. Hi Chairein!

    Hope you can help me where to find the Golden Tree Natural Chocolate. Been looking for it here in Cebu but can't seem to find any.

    Thanks for your help :)



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