Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ice Cream Cake for My Weary Soul

I don't know but for some reasons, I find it hard now to trust and love people. It's like I'm always afraid people would turn out differently when I really get to know them. Plus, my familial relationship isn't that good these past 6 months.

I have a lot of dreams. I have a lot of goals, but I find myself working so hard yet going nowhere. It's like I know what I want, I want it badly and I know I'll get there BUT how and when?

I wish I could just openly tell you everything. By that, I mean "every" thing. Haha. But I know I couldn't, so I'm just gonna tell you that yesterday, I went out with a Korean friend. Her name's Yerin. She's a lot younger than me but she thinks differently. There are even times when I feel like she's more mature and confident in her decisions.

She'll probably be staying here for the next couple of years, so I'm really gonna have a lot of fun with her. Anyway, it was our first time to go out together yesterday after asking permission from her father, who by the way, used to be a popular football figure in Korea.

Anyway, we had a good time. We talked and talked. We shared secrets and talked about the future. I'd tell her my frustrations and she'd tell me hers. Then, we both end up comforting each other and laughing in the end. Hahaha. 

The picture on top is an ice cream cake from Maridel's here in Iloilo. It's located at the Plazuela Iloilo. They sell lots of cakes and they all taste yummy and sweet (HAHA). I wanted to have coffee but they only serve brewed so I opted not to order instead. Well, this ice cream cake really made me feel a lot better.

Here's to my weary heart. I hope everthing's gonna turn out just fine... Bon appetit!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New

We live in an era where being up-to-date defines status in the human hierarchy. People find more credibility and trust on institutions, hospitals, government offices and the like using the latest technology be it for simple customer service or for diagnosing one's health.

It's the latest so far here in Iloilo City: The Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS CT Scanner
The hospital where I am presently working is in the process of restructuring itself so as to resemble that of her mother hospital in Manila. The hospital, all together with it's doctors, nurses and other staff, have been working hand-in-hand to reach the goal of becoming the best in the region.Thus, they use the lastest possible gadgets and health care delivery system in dealing with their clients. 

I must say the first time I worked at this hospital, everything about what I had learned before as a student in our university suddenly crumbled to pieces. It's not that I'm not proud of where I came from and the hospital where we were trained, but this is just the "ideal" setting so to speak.

Below is a picture of a Siemens CT Scanner that we presently use in our hospital. If I'm not mistaken, the hospital takes pride in owning this doll for it's the first in Western Visayas. It can make 128 slices in 5 to 10 seconds. 

Uses voice-recorded instructions depending on client's primary language
Not only does it relieve anxiety and perhaps fear for claustrophobics, it also saves a lot of time and energy. Also, this techie machine uses voice-recorded instructions in different languages. All you have to do is press the button for the language of your choice.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fascinatingly Back

It's been a long time since I made my last blog entry. I feel like I've really missed a lot, so now I bring you an update of what has been going on in my life recently...

Guess who's back! That's me and my friend, Maggi in our white nurse uniforms.

1. I quit my previous job.

Yes, teaching has become something very important to me now. I never imagined I would fall in love with teaching this badly. I used to tell my mom that I would never- ever become a teacher. I often wondered why teachers loved their profession when all they get are tons and tons of stress from shouting, getting impossible things done, being misunderstood "a lot", burning midnight oils for endless lesson plans, et cetera.

Sigh. It really is difficult to teach, but hey! I like it. Maybe I'm not really a "real" teacher. For one, I didn't finish B.S. in Education and two, I don't work for a real school or university for that matter. I used to work in a language center and it's a lot easier than teaching a group of maybe 30 to 40 students in a day. All you have to do is just wait in your cubicle for your student to come, close the door and start conversing. The difficult part sets in when you have to make your student speak. Of course, they can't speak well! That's why they're in your center. Sometimes, I find it sooo difficult to talk to a student who doesn't even understand a simple question like: "Where do you live?" Haha.

However, things began to change. Every single day didn't feel like a day to fret. It was exciting for me to go and teach students. My favorite days were when my students thanked me a lot for teaching them. You know that feeling when they tell you: "Oh, really?", "Ahhh... (A sign they understood you or simply a sign that they heard it from you for the first time.)"... and the list goes on. I can't quite simply express to you how good it feels to teach. Sometimes, it gets a little overwhelming that I start to cry. Alone, that is. Haha.


2. I was accepted as nurse trainee in a new hospital. 

Yeah! Sounds weird. huh? In the Philippines, thousands of nurses a year work for jobs they weren't meant to do or simply end up doing nothing at home, being useless parasites to their parents because:

a. Number of Nurses > Available Hospitals
b. Government Funds for Medical Services = Not Enough (Thus, the 1:35 ratio of nurses to patients.)
c. The popular trend of: " There are only two major courses in the Philippines: (1) nursing and (2) other courses."
d. Revenge. Most of us nurses didn't choose our careers. Our parents did! Thus, some people add insult to injury by being big, fat parasites watching TV the whole day and getting drunk and wasted at night. Sigh. I can't understand why they have to be losers and give up! Hey! It's not the end of the world. Prove to them that you're big enough. Give nursing a shot and if it doesn't work, go out and set sail! Travel and find what you really love to do and do it for Chrissake!!!

Anyway, it's a happy and warm "Congratulations!" for me. Hey! Not everyone gets the chance to be a part of the hospital where I work. I mean it's not that big and popular here yet but I know it will soon be. Haha. The main branch in Ortigas is like 'ohmygod' big and popular, so sooner or later it's just gotta keep up with it's mother branch.

I will be working here for 2 months more. Maybe on the second week of September, I will be done. I am sooo much hoping that I will graduate being part of the top 25 so I  can work at this hospital. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed til then. Tah tah.

After I finish, I might be reviewing for IELTS and taking TESL for my certification in case I want to work abroad as a teacher or something. Well, they're not definite and a lot of things can happen. I just hope that by the time I finish, I could easily decide so I wouldn't be wasting much of my time...

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for dropping by. Give me some advice in case you feel there's something I'm not doing right in my life right now BECAUSE I'm dying to know. Hahaha.  :)


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