Sunday, October 9, 2011

E- Jeepney: A Great Leap in Saving Mother Nature

With the advent of technology, people experience a higher and meaningful sense of living. The latest discoveries in the world of computers and other high technology gadgets have convinced us that indeed, man has soared far and high from his previous state of living wandering as nomads. Today, we live in a world where nothing seems to be impossible considering that what mathematicians, physicists and scientists believed before could never exist, now exists in our new world.

However, man’s hunger for discoveries has led him to continue his quest without further considering its consequences. There are always consequences to every action made, and pollution, floods, global warming and catastrophes have been its deleterious effects. Thus, many people have now taken steps in making a conscientious effort of restoring if not, preserving what we already have and enjoy.

With the issues on global warming, several sectors have made certain feasible plans as to reducing the amount of carbon emission to the atmosphere. Many countries have begun their campaign towards a greener environment and with this in mind, they advocated the use of electronic transportations, use of solar panels to run their households and even the use of manure to serve as energy.

Many countries such as the United States of America, London, Finland and Germany were among the many countries who began the use of electronic transportation until it spread to other countries far and wide, very willing to help Mother Earth recuperate from her sickly state. Indeed, this discovery have helped in emitting 0% carbon to the atmosphere and if only everyone continued to use this technology, the Earth will be a very healthy habitat to live in for the next generations to come.

In the Philippines, there were steps taken towards the use of electronic transportations. However, there seemed to be little budget set aside for this noble cause. Thus, many Filipinos still continue using the least expensive yet highly dangerous diesoline to fuel most public transportations, the Philippine jeepneys.

The first invention of this popular jeepney began after the World War II when the Americans left surpluses of their military jeeps. The Filipinos remodeled these jeeps and made them a little bit longer to carry more passengers. Since that time onwards, the jeepney had been every Filipinos’ shelter against the harsh sun and heavy rains.

During this year’s Dinagyang Festival , the City Mayor, Hon. Jed Patrick Mabilog happily announced the generous acts of the businessman named Rommel Ynion for donating ten (10) units of electronic jeepneys to the city.  Each of these jeepneys will have certain routes to follow. E-jeep stops have been placed in certain parts of the city, stating their individual routes. Senior citizens and students are given the most priority in using this commodity and will not be charged any passenger fee.

This electronic jeepneys drive around their routes for at most 6 hours per day. After which, they are recharged for the following day’s consumption. Each e-jeep consumes a total of Php 120 equivalent of electricity per day. This act is indeed very economical and nature-friendly.

If only enough funds were available and these electronic commodities sold at affordable prices, every Filipino would be found driving every transportation they have without having to worry about petroleum prices, carbon emissions and danger to one’s and other people’s health. This will then increase the country’s revenue and reduce expenses going to acts restoring the environment.
And if everyone used these electronic transportations, there would come a time when the only need for petroleum would be to fuel power plants.

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