Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mararison Island

All work and no play makes "me" a dull girl. And so does it to the rest of the gang. 

Lately, some never-heard-of islands suddenly pop up the tv screen, get advertised as tourist destinations and boom! There goes tourism.

And one recently talked-about topic was last year's Visayan Batanes-- the Mararison Island found in Culasi, Antique.
This beautiful yet not-so-virgin-anymore island is just about a 10-15-minute boat ride from the town proper.

What struck me the most was the breathtaking view-- one you'd likely get for pre-nup photoshoots. It's really nice and clean. Plus, the water's lovely clear! You'd love to splurge into the water.

For now, enjoy the view and see you next time! Bye. 


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