Friday, September 30, 2011

Liquid Eyeliner and Concealer

I went to our so called 'Avon Lady' [as popularly mentioned in their advertisements: "Talk to your Avon Lady now!" Haha] to deliver some of our products, which she had been disposing to some customers for a few years now. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stavros' Kebab and Mediterranean House

Me and my best friend since birth, Ishil

We were joking about a pizza named Funghi
( I think it's pronounced  foong/hai or foong-hee)
saying that it's actually 'Fungi', bad-smelling pizza! Hahaha.

This pizza's half Quatro Formaggi and half Fruite de Mare.
Sounds like 'fruit' but no trace of fruit! Not a single bit.
It's made up of seafoods and yummy cheese.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Capiz Shells

The first time I was able to eat Capiz shells was when my family and I went to this private island in Ajuy (pronounced as ah-hooy, with the accent on the first syllable). The island was about 200 square meters when we arrived at around 10 a.m. and it slowly submerges into the water during high tide, making it look like a huge piece of rock about 35 square meters wide. As we sailed back, we saw the island getting smaller and smaller. 

We were awestruck by the island's little yet magnificent view. We saw tiny fishes, which the fisherman who accompanied us to the island called "Zebra" bee cause they had those stripes similar to those found on zebras. As simple as that.

My father and cousins were busy fishing in the hope of catching fish which I knew they couldn't catch in the island. [I knew deep down inside they felt like little kids feeling so good about going to the beach.] I knew they weren't good on fishing but if you were on the island with us, you'd do the same thing-- trying to catch fish when you knew you couldn't.

The sand was like those you'd find in Boracay, very fine and white. It was so much fun hanging out in the island and pristine waters.

Well, today I had the opportunity to eat these shells again. I only know two ways to cook these shells-- grilled and steamed. When you grill these shells, all you have to do is to simple put the shells on top of the griller and wait until it starts to open. When you steam these shells, you also wait for the shells to open, indicating that it's cooked and ready to eat.

I haven't eating baked Capiz shells. I never even heard about it but if you know, please tell me. I'd love to try that one out!

Monday, September 26, 2011

UNICEF and United World Project Published Posts

Hello, everyone! I would just like to share to you an article that I had submitted to UNICEF. I was so glad when I found out it was published! So here it goes...

 I had always wanted to write these kinds of articles and I continue to write in the hope that someone would notice and introduce me to an organization or site, which could help me in materializing my dreams for the less fortunate.

Also in this same month I had previously written an article for the United World Project. I had not visited the site for more than 20 days since my last publish and I was so enthralled seeing comments which deeply touched my heart!

 These comments just inspire me to keep writing and continue this act. Thank you so much!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Trying Out Some Things

Mossimo floral black red and white blouse

Bangle I bought at Baclaran the last time I visited Manila a couple of months ago.

Nicole Miller black bag

Mendrez Black Peep-toe Shoes

I didn't have quite much to do today. So I figured I might try this one out. I'm really not into having myself photographed most of the time but I think I'm just gonna have to learn that since I'm venturing into this same new field. I don't know where it'll take me but who knows?

Keeping my fingers crossed on a wonderful journey,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vibrant Red Purse

This was one bag I bought at a thrift shop. [I know you're going to ask me how much. Just leave me your email or better yet contact me on facebook or twitter and I'll gladly tell you just that.] I liked it soo much especially that it's red and very vibrant! I had difficulty looking for a pair of shoes for this one. Fortunately, someone bought me one while he was in Manila. I usually wear this bag to match colorful tops and I often use this when I like wearing comfy clothes-- when I feel like I don't need to look stylish at all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Native Chocolate and Donuts

I’d like to share with you a food and beverage that not only I but many other Cebuanos enjoy. 

The cylindrical donut below is called bichokoy or shakoy in Cebuano and is made by making dough in this cylindrical shape and is deep-fried in very hot oil. It is then coated with sugar before serving.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Boring Day Proved to Be Not So Boring After All

Nothing extr'ordinary today. Just me and myself preparing to go to mass. Had no expectations whatsoever because I've made up my mind that THIS is going to be one boring day. I felt so inactive and stagnant. But wait until you see this...

If my memory serves me right, this is a Red Siberian Husky. I didn't ask the owner.
I was too shy already and this guy's one cute hunk [just don't look at the hairs on his legs].
So I figured I'd just check the internet instead.

I asked several times the name of this chicken from the one in charge of the pet shop.
I got the same answer over and over again. PHEASANT Chinese Chicken is what he would tell me. Checked the internet but no match. Somebody tell me the name of this chicken.
He must have mispronounced it or something.

This chicken actually costs Php 10, 000.00. I asked if I could eat that chicken,
and the pet shop salesman told me, "Only if you could bear to kill and eat a chicken worth 10k."

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fresh and Quiet at Santa Barbara

Me and the innocent kids
I went to this far flung area in Santa Barbara. I was supposed to visit the golf course they had in the place. However, we were stuck in this isolated area. 

These were rice fields we passed by along the way. 
This is how the fields look like when they're quite ready for harvest.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's Talk About 'Make-Up'

Had to learn the art of using brow liners in college so I had eyebrows like everybody else in school. It must be in the genes. My aunt has got her eyebrows tattooed for years now.

I just want to talk about make-up and stuff. I used to have pimples when I was in high school and I must tell you that though I know it was primarily due to hormonal changes, part of it was brought about lack of sleep.

I had to sleep with my back fully flat on bed or make sure that I didn't sleep on the affected side when I preferred sleeping with one side of my head on the pillow. It was frustrating waking up in the morning knowing you'd find another not so cute addition to your already almost pimple-filled face. However, those ugly pimples eventually disappeared when I reached college.

I know there are still individuals who suffer from these skin problems and I have yet to tell you a product that works for me and my mom who happens to suffer from cystic acne. She started having pimples during her adolescent years and have been brought from one doctor to another just to find a product or method that would somehow make her zits disappear. Sadly, no doctor could make them disappear and she was even advised to eventually move to a cooler place like the US. And how was she going to do that when she had 4 years left to finish law school? Besides, the family has no plans of going abroad.

Avon has that great smell that I like and it comes in different shades but I like NUDE best because it looks natural. Seriously White gives a matte finish so I don't need to put on another layer of pressed powder if I'm in such a hurry. Lastly, Mary Kay.

I grew up witnessing the tortures she had to go through as a person suffering cystic acne. I had to wait long hours outside a dermatologist's clinic and hear her shout as each zit was being pricked. She never allowed me to go inside with her at the clinic. She asked me to stay outside and nibble something while she lay being tortured for hours. Then when it's through, you'd find her with eyes watery and with pimples already shrunk but with blood oozing on top of each one.

Very Sexy by Victoria's Secret, Mary Kay and Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Honey Crunch Truffle and Strawberry Cake

I was supposed to buy Puto Bumbong today to feature in my blog since the 'ber' months (September, October, November and December) are here and Christmas is fast approaching. I was just a jeepney ride away from the place where people usually find the vendor selling the supposedly Christmas delicacy. 

However, heavy rains started pouring down and I had to change course. So here's where the rainy weather took me-- to a near and cozy atmosphere where I can just sit for as long as I want.

And for today, I had Honey Crunch Truffle and Strawberry Cake.

Monday, September 12, 2011

To Walk In My Own Shoes

Let me just share to you a new book I’m reading [although I’m still not done with Angela’s Ashes, the one written by 1997 Pulitzer Prize Winner, Frank McCourt]. It’s Discover Your Inner Beauty Queen and it’s just spectacular! I stopped on page 40 last night and I have yet to be thrilled and amazed by the rest of the pages. I’m not going to tell you briefly about the book because I want you to be touched deeply as well.

It’s a book written by a Filipino author, Rissa S. Kawpeng. She’s brought the country and many Christians the book, Confessions of an Impatient Bride. She was formerly a Miss Singson at that time but is now happily married with two kids [if I’m not mistaken].

Reading her book makes me feel rejuvenated [but I’m not yet old, mind you!] and it’s one of those books you’d like to read one chapter a day just so you could internalize every word and just take a few seconds communicating with God and just surrendering to him everything— every trouble, every doubt, every insecurity that bothers you.

Lately, I’ve been getting depressed about how my readers just turned from 17 to 8. I kept on wondering what I wanted to do with my blog to keep my readers engaged. My blog basically talks about anything so long as it comes “from my beautiful mind”. It’s a personal blog but with the intent of promoting our locality, its beauty, its industry and promoting the country as well. Plus, I’ve been feeling a little down lately because I’ve asked a few friends to sponsor my blog and they haven’t contacted me yet. I’ve talked them into this and they’re reactions were positive but still no reply.

The frustration was killing me. I thought of shifting to a fashion blog but I wasn’t at all comfortable about that. I don’t a have a body of a model. I’m not petite and skinny. I may be quite tall but nonetheless I don’t have a body to die for. Haha. I don’t have anything against fashion blogs [as a matter of fact, 4 out of 5 in my blogroll belong to fashion bloggers] but I find that I may not just be able to provide my readers quality posts because I’m not a public figure or a student studying fashion design. I’m not rich and famous to be able to wear what I want to wear. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just getting too negative but the bottom line is, I want a more-than-that blog. A blog where I can just talk about random thoughts, et cetera. 

See? It's for me and it says: "Shine, Chairein! Heart, Rissa" 


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