Tuesday, August 30, 2011

San Jose Parish Placer

I have always been fascinated by churches especially their Byzantine architecture. I just love to look at the arcs and the seemingly towering columns inside them. I like how they illuminate such grandiose atmosphere, and the peace and quiet that they give will surely leave every lost and wandering soul a place it can finally call home.

Yes, I'm a Catholic but a half breed. My father's a non-Catholic and his ways have influenced me to believe that there are some truths the church will never accept and continue to falsely spread. Nobody's perfect and before anyone dares to debate with me on that make sure you know your Bible well. I haven't read the entire Bible yet but I've read important truths I have to live by and these truths have opened my eyes to many realities.

As for now, I am a Catholic. I will continue to be, but I will refrain from doing things the Bible did not give me the permission to do and do things it didn't require me to do. 

I don't know if anyone has ever heard of this church in Negros Occidental which dealt away with graven images, but I admire the priest behind this church. I don't know if it's still existing but I hope that during one of our visits to Negros, I will be able to visit the place and see if it's still there. It had been featured in our local TV station and you can see that the entire structure looks so bare yet simply sacred.

For now, enjoy these shots I took from San Jose Parish Placer, the church nearest to the pier for ferries crossing Iloilo to Bacolod City and vice versa:

This is a replica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila City.

Nuestro Padré Jesús Nazareno de Quiapo is the name
given to the one found in Quiapo.

Translation: Let us love this image of Jesus of Nazareth. Let us not alter or change this image. Trust that He oversees what we are doing and will reward those who obey Him. Thank you so much.

Their adoration chapel is a separate structure
constructed outside the church.

Memorial for the Unborn, a pro-life project



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