Sunday, August 18, 2013

Milk Teas and More

I may not have told you before but aside from coffee, milk tea has a special place in my heart. It started years back when this Taiwanese sister-in-faith of my father visited our place. She gave me sachets of Lipton Milk Tea. I was hesitant to try it at first because I didn't like tea. Any tea- yellow, green, black... You name it and I hate it. Haha.

However, after drinking Lipton's milk tea, I started to look at tea differently. I said it wasn't that bad after all and that tea tasted better with milk in it than the usual teas in bags you had to dip in hot water.

These days, many milk tea stores have opened like:

And mind you, they're not your usual cups of tea. Nowadays, they come in cold versions- some blended and iced. They come sealed for that easy-to-carry and sophisticated look and these tea shops usually give you large black straws so you could eat up all those "balls". Hahaha. What I mean are those "pearls" or fruit-flavored gummies at the buttom.

Anyway, we really had a tough week and so we decided to drink milk tea at Cholabite while looking at the people exercising along The Esplanade. The view was nice and just outside the tea shop, we saw lots of parents with their youngsters.

They had an amenity for kids, the Crazy Karts. It was pretty convenient.
After jogging at The Esplanade, one could bring their kids with them and spend more quality time without having to go to malls for their kids to have fun.

I forgot their names but I think mine was a "Strawberry Oreo" something while Janine's was a "Lychee" something. And hey! It was actually my first time to eat a fruit-flavored pearl or ball, whichever way you call it. Hahaha.

And this is nothing. Hahaha. 

Anyway, I really had a lot of fun that day though the kids were really driving me crazy because of the noise they were making. But the place was great!

Hope you enjoyed!


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  2. Have you been to Cholabite, Lib? Teas should taste like teas. But nowadays, they've come up with different flavors to entice customers to come and buy their milk teas, so it's not the usual bitter-tasting teas we drink at Chinese restos. I agree that their strawberry Oreo does not taste like it's got tea into it but so what, anyway? The point here is they call it strawberry Oreo "milk tea". If it doesn't taste like tea to you then, you can suggest that to the management because I like it just the way it is. And if you go to other milk tea stores with those Yakult-based milk teas, they don't taste like teas at all.

    1. I have never been there, I have not drank any milk teas too.

    2. Well, I guess you should try it out because it's really good! :) Really. It's even healthy.

  3. do you work in a drug company?

  4. I think I saw you yesterday, you looked like you worked for a drug company.

    1. Yeah, I do. Why? Are you a doctor? :)



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