Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 3: A Night to Remember

I consider this part of the program the "highlight" and perhaps the happiest since it was a time when no one considered each one an opponent. It was a time when-- though we did come in our assigned costumes or themes-- we just forgot that we had marshals observing our every move, ready to deduct points for every violation we might make that night. 

With Sir Mark Calinawan (Video Editor), Gretchen Eduyan (Marketing Staff-HQ Cebu) and Sir Roel Caparas (Graphic Designer of Focus Magazine, Official Publication of Edmark International)
That night, everyone was exhausted from the running and yelling so we just sat in our seats and listened to the great music as we were serenaded by the band our President, Mr. Jose Y. Urquia, headed. They played a variety of music from perhaps the 60's and 80's. 

This was just a little hazy. Nonetheless, I lurrrve it! :)
And when the music slowly progressed to the hippy type, the people [especially the oldies] knew what they had to do. They stood up, strut their butts off the dance floor and showed me exactly how they did "it" during their time. And I swear, it was the best! Really. It was way, way better than what I saw in the movies.

FYI: This part of the program began the night of the 2nd until early the next day... So please. No violent reactions from those who were able to attend. *wink*

Too early for bed, Che! Wake up!
There was actually a contest that night. There were groups who wore costumes with themes of gods and goddesses, the Army, cosplay, cowboy/cowgirl, etc.  I really liked the group belonging to those who had to portray Greek gods and goddesses because they were effortless! Seriously. I kept on wondering why their costumes looked so familiar. It was only after I had my shower in our cabin that I realized: "Hey! They used the shower curtains!" Hahaha.

My team was tasked to wear something that reminded people of the 70's. Thus, my yellow bell-bottoms. Love it? Hahaha. I got if from my mom's closet.

My mom used to wear clothes in ternos (Spanish for "matching"). However, that kinda style is no longer "in" today so I usually go for colorful yet formal outfits. And I didn't wanna appear "Imeldific" so I just wore what you see in the photos above.

Anyway, I think this is all for now. Til next time. Ciao! :)

Photo Credits: Gretchen Eduyan, Roel Caparas

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