Thursday, August 25, 2011

Food Equals Endorphins

It was raining cats and dogs and I was definitely in no mood for some outdoor activity like going to the mall [if it's even considered 'outdoor' for that matter] or anything that involved having to feel the tiniest bit of rain on my skin.

I hate it when it rains so hard and the skies all want to pour their tears out on me. I hate it when it's gloomy because I feel unhappy. Well, yes. Sunlight makes a person happy and if you haven't noticed when it gets dark and gloomy, your mood starts to be affected as well.

I need sunlight. I need something to make me feel a lot better, but not coffee for now. Haha.

Then, my mom told me she received a text message from my Aunt Cora saying she'll be dropping by to visit us then would be off her way back to Bacolod City. That painted a smile on my face. I was thinking... F-O-O-D! Haha. I know she's going to buy something for her son, Christian and I just think I know where his favorite food could be bought. At Perri Todd's.

And so after lunch and about half an hour of chit chatting about useful stuff, we headed to Perri Todd's to buy Christian's favorite Grilled Burger with Bacon.

Well here are a few shots I got...

Grilled Aloha Burger
Dissecting the inside. Haha.
Pasta Carbonara

There are just plenty of burgers to choose from. To remind you, these burgers are humongous! [Kidding! But really. They're huge!]
I wonder what's behind the tape. Hmm...

If there are about four or more of you, try to have the Iced Tea Tower instead of having to buy individual drinks.

Todd's Potato is great. I haven't tried the onion rings yet but at first glance you'll think it looks like Calamares, a Filipino delicacy made by frying squid rings.

My pup and Aunt Cora
Don't we just have great eyebrows? Haha. Must be in the genes.
The only decent picture I got of me. Haha.
I'm hungry.
I asked permission to take a few shots and the waiters all smiled. They were so game but not in a disrespectful way. They were so funny! One even pretended to be oblivious about me taking pictures of the place and he started to dance.

And before I forget. Today, my Aunt Cora brought along with her some stuff from Bro. Willie Talon and her wife, members of the Light of Jesus Community in Alabang who visited Iloilo last summer [see Fun Travel: Iloilo, Guimaras and Back for photos]. 

Thanks for the shirt, Bro. Willie!

Trying out the shirts
The package included Kerygma magazines (I just love them! They're just very informative and it draws you closer to God without having to suffer guilt feelings.), Choco Vron goodies, t-shirts for the three of us and a book written by Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, Discover Your Inner Beauty Queen. The title may sound a little funny but Mrs. Kawpeng is editor of a Catholic magazine, the Kerygma magazine and is the author of the book, Confessions of an Impatient Bride.

Choco Vron Cookies n' Cream
Chocolate Coated
I had a fun day and it really pays to never judge how your entire day would be just because the skies gave you gloomy clouds. 

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