Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Travel: Iloilo, Guimaras and Back

“They’re coming over tomorrow so you better pack your things up,” my mother told me. Just two days ago she told me that my Aunt Cora, Aunt Delia and company were coming over for a summer escapade and that there was no need to fret and rush about preparations because they’d be arriving about a week after.

My Aunt Cora’s one of my favorite aunts. She’s very sweet yet can transform into a ferocious lion when someone does her unpleasant things. So, back off if you don’t know who you’re messing up with. This criminology-grad-turned-businesswoman can make your knees wobble with fear. Treat her nicely and you’re in for a treat!

Her sister, my Aunt Delia, is the one person I’m so excited to meet. Maybe we’ve actually bumped into each other during fiestas in Cebu or during my grandma’s funeral years back but I just can’t picture her out in my mind. Hence, the escapade.

Uncle Chris and Aunt Delia

She’s a cancer survivor for a few years now and hearing that makes me want to see her all the more. She’ll be bringing along with her two of her three daughters, Krisanne and Maan, and her husband, my Uncle Chris. Unfortunately, their eldest daughter couldn’t make it. She’s busy preparing for her graduation.

I had the flu and I’ve conditioned myself about them arriving at a date no sooner than… tomorrow? So off I went fishing for a summer-looking outfit from the closet. I found a good one. However, they didn’t make it [not even close] to my beautiful bod after my mother disapproved of my wearing them saying they made me look old.

What comes out of my mother’s mouth is “the law” and in less than a minute, I was able to miraculously change into something else. And off we went to the pier. I was expecting five visitors but I was surprised when my Aunt Cora informed us there were eleven of them. The six others were members of the Light of Jesus [the one headed by the popular Bo Sanchez who gave us the amazing book, How to Find Your One True Love, Simplify and Create Abundance and many more].

We were informed that the six LOJ members came all the way from Manila and they only had a few days left before their flight back home unlike my Aunt Delia who actually had weeks to spend for the summer. They said they wanted to be able to go to a lot of different places during their short stay and that meant catching the last trip back to Bacolod all on the same day. Whew! Feels like we’re on, doing The Amazing Race.

So we went to fetch them, accompanied them to breakfast and went to the wharf heading to Jordan, Guimaras. We took the boat and made it in approximately 10 minutes. And these photos explain our entire trip from Guimaras and back to Iloilo for some historical destinations.

The only way to get to Guimaras Island is through boat.

First Stop: Buenavista, Guimaras

My cousin, Krisanne

Next stop: the Old Trappist Abbey

Did you know that there are only two among the many monks who can actually roam the Trappist Abbey grounds to serve as cashier and cater to the needy? This monk serves as cashier...

This lady claims to be an Aeta and this craft has been handed down to her by her great ancestors. Did you know it takes about 2 days to make that medium-sized wallet in there? Really tough work.

They sell a wide variety of products from fruit jams to handicrafts.

I like these bags!

This is the church found at the Old Trappist Abbey Compound

Alubihud, Guimaras

The Bellfry in front of Jaro Cathedral
Jaro Cathedral

Jose Marie Escriva, founder of the Opus Dei

Nuestra Senora dela Candelaria

A mural painting inside the cathedral

And now for a sumptuous meal...
Perri Todd's

Largest Burger in Iloilo

Bro. Willie Talon and wife

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes... ~Marcel Proust

Photo Credit: Krisanne Picardal


  1. This is amazing!!! I suddenly missed you guys! Iloilo is soooo beautiful... Gusto kong uling bumalik para maka-bonding namin kayo ng mas matagal... Nae-excite na ako!!! XD

  2. Nice place in Iloilo. Have not been there, but I will. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. It's like a mini- Boracay... It's not that developed yet but the water's quite the same.



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