Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reminiscing Childhood Past

Perhaps nothing beats a business strengthened by ties, molded by love and tested by time. These are but a few of the many reasons why family businesses in Iloilo continue to flourish despite the growing and dynamic changes in the food industry.

My fondest memories as a kid were limited to food, travel and play. Other than those mentioned, I have effortlessly dealt away with in my short-term memory, waiting to be forgotten. After class, I would find myself scurrying over to a small branch of Biscocho Haus beside our school at Gen. Luna Street or eat banana split or halo-halo at Try Me restaurant corner Gen. Luna and Quezon Streets. 

At Biscocho Haus, I sat along with friends as we delightfully consumed pastries or ice creams of our choice, and the place was what we claimed as our alternative “tambayan” since we also get bored of playing hide and seek at the same grounds and places in school.

Birthdays were what I loved the most and my classmates often liked to celebrate parties at McDonald’s at the Atrium and Jollibee and Shakey’s at SM Delgado. These places really bring back the old times and it’s just heartwarming to find these places in their exact locations with the interiors hardly changed and moved. However due to developments and  changes brought about by the city’s continued progress in business and trade, some of these places have been moved and closed.

Now that I’m an adult, legally past 18, I can only reminisce about what used to be and perhaps what I consider the best memories indellibly marked in my temple. Some of these places are still existing today and it’s amazing to know that they’re not run by some big time corporations but by humble families with very strong bonds.

An example would be the Biscocho Haus known for its Ilonggo delicacies such as the pinasugbobarquillosbutterscotchbiscocho and many more. They have extensively distributed their branches in Iloilo and one of my favorite is their branch at Cuartero, Jaro near Perri Todd’s. It looks like a typical residence only that it’s got an opening immediately below its signage. I just love the interior and the relaxing ambience.

I'm not sure if this is a chandelier,
but it looks good where it's at.

Perhaps the owners of Biscocho Haus
Really cute antique furniture.
They look like chairs for small kids.
Some sort of a wishing well only that it's a pond.
The impressive facade
Another successful family business is the Panaderia de Paa, which has been existing for years now. From the house photographed below, it now stands competing with all the other towering buildings facing Jaro Plaza. Photos below were taken from framed news clippings preserved and displayed by the family for customers to see.

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