Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Boredom Does to Individuals Like Me

Boredom can be mortifying. [Yes, as in like it deaden the body.] I'm stuck at home with my family with nothing else to do than our usual weekend routine of eating, sleeping, watching tv and chit chatting about my cousin's seemingly adventurous love life. He's our number one entertainer but he's kinda busy talking on the phone with a potential lover (like for half of the day!) and so we silently eat our food when he's hooked on the phone, hoping he'd quit it so we would have something to laugh about. He's gay by the way and he's proud of being one. He's handsome and you'd never mistake him of being gay at first glance maybe because he does not cross dress and walk the way most gays do after a successful coming out.

Sick and tired of doing nothing at home and forcing food repeatedly into our seemingly bloated bellies, we decided to go out and buy some supplies needed at home. My brother and I were left with nothing else to do but eat (for the nth time!). Do we have the right to clamor when all we have to do is eat while waiting for them to finish doing errands? My mind's telling me yes, but I guess we don't have a choice.

I had coffee and Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'm not sure if I can live without having
a cup of coffee in a month or so.
The face of boredom! Sleepy and bored.

See? Rafa's sleepy too!
It was a relief seeing my mother's shadow walking inside the restaurant and reaching our table. Yes! Time to go home but then no, not yet. Boredom will definitely [and successfully] kill me when I reach home. 

It's been months since this establishment opened outside our subdivision. It looks like a computer shop where kids normally play online games and hang out with friends for hours. However, I noticed they had super huge monitors and the place was nearly with a human soul every time I pass by except for the security guard and attendant, of course. But there was this one instance where I saw about 5 persons inside the place.

I always wondered what was really going on inside especially that they named the place, "THE DAILY HABIT". Sounds so addicting, isn't it? The name's pretty enticing but I often wonder why I find it empty. Well, we gave the place a shot and here's what we found out.

I remember the place used to be the huge building's garage. Also, the main entrance to the flats they have on the third and fourth floors. It's owned by a Chinese entrepreneur who happens to own the entire building. 

Meet my adopted brother, Rafhael.
He's holding that guitar for the game DJ Hero.

Still for DJ Hero...
I forgot to ask the kind of game
they play for this one.
Need I say the game?

It took them about 4 coins until
they finally finished the last quarter of the game.

What they actually meant was Php5 per coin.We played the Dance Central using XBox and dropped a total of 2 coins for an entire dance.So that's definitely not Php5 per game.

My mother and I got our shirts and pants sweaty. I hate to admit it but she actually had me doing the 'Funky Town' dance. I hate it but it's a good exercise so I didn't mind.

These games may qualify for the title:
'5 Peso Game'
This establishment is located beside YCK Hardware along
the highway going to Dumangas.
Seems like nobody's up for the fun yet.
Getting bored feels like getting high. You go crazy and do stupid stuff just so you could wake up and do something sensible, but I don't think I did something stupid by dropping by the place. I could now play games I usually play in arcades without having to travel for about 20 minutes just to get to the heart of the city. 

As for the patrons, I think the place just needs a little push and some persuasive promotion. Mind you, there were about 5 other customers when we left.

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