Sunday, October 16, 2011

Surprisingly Sweet

Buto't Balat Restaurant
I went to have my final interview at a language center here and I must tell you that it was the shortest interview I had ever undergone in my entire life. I’m not telling you this because it was short and simple. It was short and very brief but the questions came like bullets from a machine gun— short, concise and very straightforward.

Then in less than 10 minutes, we were done and I was asked to wait for a confirmation via sms. I went out to close the door, thinking what I was to do next. The interview went so swiftly and before I knew it, I was out closing the door and walking down the building.

While walking, I was thinking through all the questions that had been thrown at me. I was wondering what had probably gone wrong because the interview was so short. Maybe they didn’t want me! I had no experience whatsoever in teaching. I may not have been qualified. So, I began to text Hannah that the interview was incredibly over in less than 10 minutes.

She and my boyfriend, who was having his orientation for his volunteer at our university hospital met up with me. I told them what had transpired and I was telling them how I felt like they [the interviewers] didn’t want someone like me. In the middle of all the blur and fuss, my cell phone began to ring like a door bell, indicating a text message.

I thought it was a message from my mom but much to my surprise it was from the language center I was talking about. I read slowly trying to understand word by word. Then, I felt a sense of relief having read the message that I was to come back at 2PM for an orientation. And I was so happy! I didn’t expect to be admitted but still I was! Wow!

Then, good news [for my tummy!]. Hannah was treating us for lunch and I didn’t even know why. All I knew was she got a sum of money perhaps from her teaching online and was treating us today. Food! Haha. Thank you, Hannah! I like to eat. Don’t you just love to?

Anyway, this was the how the place looked like— very homey and spacious. You’d probably feel one with Mother Nature in a place like this. It’s got native huts and the landscape is a little bit breathtaking. Wonder why I'm saying ‘a little bit’? Because I think it could have been more beautiful, had it been designed in such a way that every corner or square foot of the place was used up creatively, but the place was really good!

I think I felt it was homey because it was raining and the huts served as a place to warm us up. I don’t have an idea as how hot the place might be on an afternoon like this if it weren’t raining, but I do know it’s the best at night when it’s cold and the restaurant uses these torches to light up the place. Ahh.. It’s just so romantic.

Garden Salad for Neil
Anyway, we were about to go and discussing things over empty plates of leftovers when my phone began to ring, this time indicating a phone call. I answered it. I thought it was mom but it wasn’t. It was Donna. She had orders! Yes, orders for the new direct-selling I’m a member of— Stanhome.

She told me to drop by the hospital to pick up the money from her and buy the needed items. She gladly announced that the items were already paid and that she would pay immediately. I know you might not seem quite interested but I am because it involved money and I want to get rich— in my own efforts that is!

Anyway, I went back to the language center for the orientation and was asked to be at their office tomorrow at 8:40 AM. I better not be late this time! Mwah!

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