Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tell Me

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Longing to be understood,
  I sealed these lips.
Longing to be heard,
  I cried in silence.
Longing to be touched,
  I evaded your caress.
Longing to be loved,
  I grew colder.

I thought by doing so
  I might wake you
But I didn't; I wasn't able to.

Emotions locked up inside me;
  Fretting I refused to reveal.
Anguish I kept to myself
  Problems I solved on my own.

Alone, cold, unsheltered.
  I didn't have a home.

You were all I knew
  Yet I felt if I fell
I had to heal my own wounds.
  I had to get by alone.

Where will you be standing?
  By my side, guiding my every move
  Or behind me, to catch me
    before I fall into a deep abyss?

Tell me, I might just not
  be able to wait that long.

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