Monday, August 15, 2011


I can only thank you from a distance...

I had long been keeping emotions to myself,
All the hurt, the pain and anguish of the past.
I bore all these because I thought I owe you my life
That without you, I would be helpless.

I praised and relentlessly expressed great thanks;
You accepted the compliment with pride.
However, you abused the fact that I had
So much love and gratitude for you.

You saved me from my downfall
And the unforgettable shame that ensued
But that doesn’t warrant you to take hold of my life;
To use me just because I would crumble without you.

Thank you but I believe after all the things
You put me through, my debts are definitely paid
I will be forever grateful but for you I know
It wouldn’t work that way.

I see you think of life as give and take.
How long will I have to pay for my gratitude?
How many mockings will I have to take?
How many silent tears will I have to cry?

I don’t want to be trampled upon no more
I will no longer pay for the price
It took you to raise me and my morale
Into heights I needed to get back in the fight.

Thank you but it’s enough.
I will forever be grateful but I will
Express my thanks from a distance
Where you can no longer cause me pain.

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