Friday, August 5, 2011

Dropping by at Book Latté

Getting to Know Iloilo's First Library Cafe
Rewriting notes at Book Latte
It has almost been a year since Book Latté [the first library café in Iloilo] has first opened its doors for its first couple of customers, but I was oblivious to all the fuss and stuff going on in town. So, I never really knew anything about it until a friend told me so, and it wasn't like she intended to inform me. 
After hearing the unfamiliar words, I asked again and she told me about the place. All my new friends at our new area started to gather around me one by one eyeing me as if to say 'Where were you when it first opened?!'... Ha ha ha. My defense: Maybe I was having my "me" time while the rest of Iloilo hustled all the way to the café.
So out of sheer embarrassment, I decided to drop by the place with my friends with me. Here are few shots.

P.S. Please bear with me. I'm with two camera-shy babies, Anne Jo and Neil...

Took the first bite


I forgot this one but I think it's a marshmallow tower? Haha.

Neil: You take this
Anne Jo: No, I'm not starving. You take it.
[Why didn't anybody ask me to eat the last piece?]

This was how it looked like after I munched off the first one.
Book Latte would like to be known as a revolutionary coffee shop. It is a coffee shop complemented with books. Members can borrow and take home books or simply read while enjoying the coffee of their choice. They have over 1,000 books, magazines, periodicals and other informative materials to choose from.

Signing up entitles the member to:
  • 10% discount on coffee and other beverages 
  • Borrow anything at their impressive collection of books, magazines, etc. 
  • Have an access to learning materials perfect for research and study
  • Free Wi-fi for 2 hours
  • And exciting perks offered exclusively to members                        
Rates for membership are at Php180 yearly for students and Php 220 for non-students.
*You can read books while staying at the cafe but if you plan to take them home, certain rates apply.

Take note of their ELITE MEMBERSHIP!
This kind of membership is not gained by paying for it. Borrow more than 15 books in a year [with good returning records, of course!] and have access to the latest books-- those which couldn't even be found in local bookstores yet.
How fun can this get? For book lovers out there, here's a good place to hang around with friends while enjoying a book you've been dying to read. Practical wise, it only takes Php180 a year compared to buying books at nearly Php 400 each. 

And you know what's so good about it? It isn't as boring as the typical shhh-keep-quiet! library. 

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