Sunday, August 14, 2011

Banana Split for Midnight

My Own Version of this Delectable Treat

There are different versions of banana splits out there but the common procedure involves cutting a banana in half lengthwise and topping it with three flavors of ice cream, preferably vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. 
Then, you top each ice cream scoop with syrup flavors of your choice such as strawberry syrup for strawberry; chocolate fudge for chocolate and pineapple syrup [maybe] for vanilla. You can then top whipped cream all over for that seemingly irresistible treat.
Strawberry, chocolate and ube ice cream
topped with chopped bananas
I came home at 12 midnight after having my PM duty and I was looking for something to eat when I found ice cream inside the freezer. We don't have syrups at home and so I just took out the ice cream and topped it with chopped bananas. And that's it. It tasted good. I really love strawberry and the feeling of biting the bits from the seeds. By the way, I used strawberry, chocolate and ube.
* Ube (pronounced as ooh-beh) is a purple colored root crop found in the Philippines and is known as water yam or winged yam in English. It is popularly used in sweet preparations and is one of the many ingredients used to make halo-halo. It has heart-shaped leaves and has a scientific name of Dioscorea Alata.

Not so bad for a midnight snack :)

First Bite!

Can't get enough of ice cream! Can you? 

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