Monday, August 22, 2011

Jinky's Platter

A lover of food, fun, adventure and football. Meet Jesslyn Kate Gubatanga. She's currently hooked to three things she considers very crucial in her life right now:

[She's taking up her masteral's degree at the Central Philippine University (CPU) and nearly gets time to sleep. But now that duty days are over, she can definitely allot more time for sleep.]

[She's been playing the game since college and continues to take on the sport, joining various competitions versus alumnae at the West Visayas State University and CPU.]

[She's really into food. If you don't find her in school, at home or elsewhere, she's definitely having the time of her life, trying a new entree, dessert or any other treat she hasn't tried eating yet.]

I named this page Jinky's Platter to honor her undying love for not just food but great tasting and quality FOOD! This is where good food takes her. Take a look and enjoy!

Coffee House Beanery's Tuna Mac & Cheese
Dulgies' Banana and Strawberry Cake
Dulgies' D'Club Sandwich
Dulgies' Red Velvet Cake
Dulgies' Spicy Sardine Sandwich
Dulgies' Tres Leches
Mooon Cafe's Nachos de Salsa
Mooon Cafe's Pasta Mexicano and Garlicky Mushroom
Mooon Cafe's Pasta Mexicano
Mooon Cafe's Pizza Margaritta
Pat-Pat's Bulalo
Perri Todd's Pomodoro Bologna and Linguine Meatballs
Pizzaro Hawaiian D'Lite
Thanks for dropping by :)


  1. Wow! all tasty treats

  2. Well I guess all the credit goes to Jinky for that. She's really got the 'nose' for food. Haha.



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