Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keeping the Balls Rolling

To have fun and be of help at the same time...

Glaiza Brown in action

That's the best we got.
And the winner is...Hannah!

Hannah Miravalles

Say Cheese!

My friends and I decided to play Duckpin Bowling at St. Elizabeth's. It's an old establishment existing for many years now. If I'm not mistaken, it's been there since I was 7. I never had the chance to visit the place. Thus, this bowling experience.
Luckily, the owner allowed us to get inside the "real" bowling arena with all the heavy balls. I wonder how bowling players do it 'cause I think I might just get my fingers stuck on the holes. Haha. 
I hardly finished the entire set of frames. The chalk they use almost got me having an asthma attack. It was fun but I got really tired. I was all sweaty. Good exercise though! :)

What is Duckpin Bowling?
It is a variation of a 10-pin bowling and the balls used have diameters of 12 to 12.7 cm weighing 1.5 to 1.7 kg each. The pins used are smaller and lighter compared to those used in 10-pin bowling so it makes it very difficult for the bowler to gain a strike. Thus, a frame consists of 3 rolls. [You can just imagine how difficult it is for me to complete a set of 10 frames. That is 30 rolls all in all. Whew!]

The Pin Boys
These boys have been popularly known by these names. They pick up the balls you throw in an attempt to achieve a strike and arrange the pins in a triangular manner after 3 rolls. They sit on tall bar stools in between alleys where they cannot be seen except their legs. 
You have to be often reminded not to throw another ball after 3 rolls since you might accidentally hit and knock them down while they pick up those balls and arrange the pins. Mind you, they're in charge of rolling back the balls to your rack manually since there's no device for such, only at the 10-pin bowling arena.
After 5 sets, I found myself about to give up but Hannah told me to have pity on the Pin Boys. You only get to pay Php 14 for 10 sets which is equivalent to 30 rolls.

They derive their money from this kind of living and keeping the balls rolling will certainly help a lot.

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