Thursday, October 20, 2011

Have You Checked Your ‘Poop’ Today?

Fresh Spirulina tabs straight from Hawaii
Just yesterday, I had been invited along with my friend, Donna to this seminar, “Empower Your DLC Business”. I immediately consented because I thought the seminar was entitled “Empower Your Business” and I had been thinking lately of starting a business of my own apart from my parents’. Much to our dismay, it was a Multilevel Marketing (MLM). Simply put, networking. It’s very famous worldwide. Let name a few you might be very familiar with. Vita Plus, Stanhome, Amway, Forever Living, Intra, Alive, et cetera.

I don’t have anything against MLMs. As a matter of fact, we’ve been members of many of them but nothing seemed to pass my mother’s standards. She wanted to sell items very affordable to the masses. She didn’t care if the prices were cheap as long as they were very salable in the market. “Slow but sure,” I would often hear her say. Also, she didn’t like it when people bought items on a credit basis considering that these MLM products have already cost her much. In her own business, she allowed that but in MLM, no.

Red Algae at a plant in Hawaii
Anyway, their company is Diamond Lifestyle Corporation (DLC), a company established by Eddie Chai. This Taiwanese used to be a part of the famous MLMs Forever Living and Amway. Annually, he would walk up the stage to be awarded perhaps for being among the best producers of the company. However, there came a time when he walked up the stage alone. This saddened him and so he started a company wherein he eliminated the owners so that 2/3 of the income went to the distributors’ pockets. Thus, DLC was born.

Let me tell you briefly that the seminar we attended was simply not a waste. The invited guest was the Assistant General Manager on Product Development in Taiwan, Miss Amy Chao. She spoke in Mandarin and so she had a translator with her, the general manager of DLC in Manila who [I think] was pure Chinese herself.

Pretty, huh? Looks gorgeous in person AND she looks very young!
No one guessed that she was already 42!
She presented very interesting slides, focusing more on the health benefits of the company’s products. It appears to me that she was very hands-on in developing the products of the company and finding the best raw materials for each. The pictures in her slideshow simply show it all.

This is Ms. Amy Chao's mom. She claimed to have regrown black hair
after drinking tablets of Spirulina a day.
She was very young-looking at the age of 42 with a family of her own. [I wondered why they still addressed her as ‘Miss’.] It must be the cold weather in Taiwan, I told myself. I never really wanted to admit that maybe her young looks was brought about by her taking in of the multiple supplements their company was selling. But as we neared the end of the seminar, I realized she has got a huge knowledge bank! Why wouldn’t she? She took charge of all the talking with the specialists perhaps the doctors, botanists, etc.

Here were some interesting things I learned in the seminar she did:
  • The healthy ‘poop’ should be a banana in circumference, floats on the toilet bowl, has a brownish color and shouldn’t be smelling very foul.
  • All the blood vessels in the body combined and put together, end to end, was enough to encircle the entire circumference of planet Earth 2.5 times.
  • All blood vessels in the body covered and area of 17,000 square foot. You could just imagine how many blood vessels we have in our bodies!
  • The “ruby mushroom” in Taiwan is not to be picked by anyone else because it is the country’s national plant. It is being sold at very expensive prices today and the country has thought of making a culture of the said mushroom.
Probiotics containing millions of live microorganisms.
Hope my memory serves me right. Well that’s all for now. My Php 100 fee wasn’t such a waste after all!


  1. haha this title made me read more in and of itself! what a cool MLM presentation though
    Lovely Little Rants

  2. Thanks, Candace! I never thought there were normal characteristics for a poop. This seminar was very informative. I really learned a lot.



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