Friday, October 14, 2011

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Wanna Be

I have lately been desiring to buy a Ray-Ban Wayfarer especially now that there’s a stall here at SM City selling the commodity. I was not surprised at all at how expensive it was [the cheapest being Php7, 699] because my parents used to have these sunglasses from Rayban but no longer uses them. I think it’s kind of outdated but I see the style coming back these days. I’d like to use them but because of my wide face, I could not. Hahaha.

I still long to buy them someday. I just need to save—like super save! Yeah, I know. I’m straying from my topic especially that I know you don’t seem to think that that picture above is a Rayban Wayfarer. So, I’m gonna tell you that THAT is not a Ray-Ban, a Police, Chanel or whatsoever brand because it’s brandless. My mom bought it out of sheer need to have her money converted to smaller bills at a boutique near my alma mater. They were on sale and it was at its cheapest. I have been telling my mom that I was looking for a pair of fashion eyeglasses, one that did not have a grade for those with eye defects. And so she bought it and got the smaller bills she needed so we could ride the  jeepney to our destination.

Well, that’s for now! I’m still figuring out other ways to wear the eyeglasses. By the way, I wore this pair in my previous post, My It Things.


  1. The ray ban wayfarer has been cited as the best selling design of sunglasses in history.

  2. Really? I think it really was the best design ever created... Thanks for dropping by Tory Burch...



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