Thursday, October 6, 2011

Puto Bumbong: Whole Year Round

This is one Filipino delicacy especially common in Manila during the Christmas season. This is what you call 'Puto Bumbong'. It's easily acquired during the 'ber' months-- September, October, November and December). It is made of glutinous rice cooked using steam and brushed with healthy margarine

[I remember a high school teacher named Sir Tibajares, from whom I learned a lot of things, that margarine is a lot healthier than butter because it is made from vegetables. Butter on the other hand is made from animal fat.]

Anyway, it is then topped with shredded young coconut, brown sugar and sesame seeds. If you ask why it has that violet color, it's because the glutinous rice is mixed with ube or purple yam flavor and coloring before it is even placed inside a cylindrical bamboo container and cooked in steam.

It tastes good and I must tell you that here in Iloilo, you don't need to wait for the 'ber' months to come because there's a vendor at the back of Jaro Cathedral selling this food every Thursday morning in front of Afrique's Restaurant.


  1. Yet another yummy dish. Highly appetizing.

  2. Yummy!..i remember eating this on sundays in Molo church..hope i could eat this again!

  3. hi, sam! it's not like it's a dish. it's more of a dessert Filipinos love to eat especially during Christmas.

  4. hi, chiposhiai! hehe. she's the same person selling this kind of food. i've asked her where and when to find her ans she said she was at jaro market during thursday mornings and friday afternoons and outside molo church on sundays...

  5. Hi,

    Can I use your puto bumbong photo in our newsletter? I will link you in my Tumblr, or in the newsletter if possible...

    I just need a photo of puto bumbong..

    You may contact me here -

    Thank you, and hoping for your consideration. Thanks!

    - Cams

  6. Sent you an e-mail already, cam! Sure! You can use them. No prob!



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