Monday, October 10, 2011

My It Things

Vivienne Westwood sweater

Mossimo black shorts
Bling bling watch from Avon
Brown leatherette straps from SM Accessories

Embark sling bag

Oh, never mind these shoes and socks! Haha.

So you probably heard about this site, If you haven’t, well I’ll tell you. I was actually looking for a community like that of the Blogaholic Network but one that was based in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I didn’t find one and after several clicks and going through multitudes of websites, I found an interesting site: My It Things.

The site looks like that of the stylebible, chictopia, lookbook, et cetera except that it is more engaging and could be quite difficult to manage if you own many accounts like the ones mentioned above. You get to have a page combining your fashion finds, your articles, your videos AND advertisement. [However, these articles and videos should be your own and not copy pasted from other sites.]

Yes you can advertise! They just make you authorize their site at Google Adsense so you could paste the ad of your choice. Also, you get to have this little ‘My Favorite’ box below your profile where you could pick writers of your choice— members whose writing and content appeal to you— but you automatically have Yuli as your favorite writer simply because she’s the Editor-in-Chief of the site.

And oh! Did I forget to tell you that it’s a magazine type of site? That’s the reason why it’s so engaging and you’ll probably learn a lot. They have tabs for magazine, videos, community and contests. Yes, they host contests! All you have to do is sign up, submit your designs and probably take shots of your models and creations. Then, wait til people start voting for you.

You may be wondering why there’s a picture of me up there wearing a weird outfit. Well, I had to do that [because I love to!] and would like to include that picture in my it things! There’s this area where you get to display your fashion designs, sketches, photos, etc. Also there’s this ‘My Closet’ where you get to upload things you own and would like to have.

I know I’m talking too much so just check out the site and see for yourself.

Official Website:



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