Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My 'Results Day' Look and a Lot About Law School

I’m nervous about today because today is results day. Passed or failed are among the two options I have in mind. I took the LSAT last October 19 and after 2 days the results will be revealed. There were only around 12 of us who took the exam and I was shocked!

I had never taken an exam in my entire life with the venue nearly filled. Mind you, it was not even half way filled and the place was getting colder and colder thinking there were two air conditioning units switched to high cool while there were only more than ten of us.

Anyway, I went to the Dean’s office feeling jittery and nervous. I went to the lavatory [first] just opposite the office so I could relax and keep my cool. However, when I went out and was about to twist the door knob open, I saw a sign which said “Sorry, we are closed.” but it was nearly lunch time. It was 11:25 on my watch. So I was left with no other choice but to go back again at 2:00 PM. I was thinking that that must have been a negative sign.

Dooney and Bourke blue bucket bag
I couldn’t concentrate. All I was thinking was the outcome of the exam. Time was ticking slowly and I was getting more nervous than ever.

The clock struck 2:00 and so I went back to the school again and this time, the sign was replaced with a not so welcoming “We’re open.” I went straight for the door and asked the student assistant for my results. He asked me to take a seat while he wrote something on a small piece of paper. I excused myself and headed for the lavatory. I didn’t like the way I was feeling. I was thinking negative thoughts already and while I stood inside the cubicle, I prayed.

Yeah! I flunked the college entrance exam. The first one's the Law School Admission Test, the 2nd one's the college entrance exam and the 3rd one's English usage. I got a 61 on the 2nd test so I'm up with an inteview with the dean.

Then after a few seconds, I went back. He handed me the result and I felt sorry after reading the remarks. It said I was among the waitlisted and that didn’t sound good to me. He asked me to prepare for an interview with the dean on Tuesday either from 8AM-12PM or 2-6PM.

It was not good but I felt better considering that there might just be a chance for me to be admitted only if I did well on the interview. I plan to study next school year but because I was on the waitlist, I might just be in danger of not making it next June. So, the interview is my only chance of talking to the dean and asking her to allow me to enroll next school year.

I have a job right now and I think it would be too much if I asked for certain favors at such an early time. I’m not sure if I could handle the pressure of working the whole day and studying in the evening. Maybe if I would be given about 4 months, I might just be able to handle it well.

Right now, I have no idea as to how I could be able to manage study and work, and my only hope rests on my future dean’s decision. I’ll continue to pray and I hope she’ll grant me the privilege of studying next year.

Keeping my fingers crossed J.


  1. You're so adorable! Cute outfit. Good luck in your studies girly! Best of luck.

    PS. Thx for your comment on my blog and of course I'm following you too now. Come visit soon doll.

    <3 Marina

  2. Thank you so much, Marina! You're just so good to me. People like you are what I need for inspiration. I will! You never fail to keep me interested in viewing your posts!

  3. OMG che! Thank goodness I found your blog :)) YOu're going to law school too! <3 yay! Raph told me once about your decision :)) Did you take UP LAE? They administer the test sometime mid november (20,21++). Or...if your heart pleases, I believe ALS is also accepting application submissions as early as now :)) God be with you...update mo ko! I'll be willing to help you; answer your questions, if need be :D wheeee!!

  4. thank you for offering to help me, beck. right now, i'm really confused and i've asked the dean to defer my enrollment til june next year. i really want to make a decision i will not regret later on.

    But beck, super thanks! I'm so touched gid ya!



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