Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Live and Let Live: My Stand on Self- Righteousness

I'm pretty sure you know what this is. So, here's my next contribution.

I now have a column name: From My Beautiful Mind

This article talks about religion, and how I think some people can just be too judgmental because they follow their religion's standards and practices.

I've met people who are atheists [especially now that I'm working at a language center, where I meet Koreans, Taiwanese and Japanese], but they just live life fearing authorities and have lived half of their lives following the rules. It's just amazing how they do that when they don't believe in an omnipotent One.

These people do not have a God, but I think I respect them more than self-righteous individuals. I just think that it's better to be silent than to keep on protesting and telling others how good your religion and practices are compared to the rest because at the end of the day, no one wins over a debate on religion. We just need to have a little respect for each other.

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