Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good to Have Them Around

Lia and Cherry are my trusted friends. Oh! Don’t get me wrong. They’re not the only friends I trust. Of course I have a few others but they’re the two who always keep their promises no matter what. Having them as friends make me feel like I have this “sense of direction” in my life.

I always look up to them. Aside from the fact that they’re very smart and beautiful individuals, I think I owe them a lot for getting me back on track and listening to me whenever I’m down and need someone to talk to.

They’re my source of strength and the persons I get energy from and the drive to keep me going.

Lia, by the way, is taking up Medicine. So maybe after 3 more years from now, I might be calling her Dr. Delfin. She’s got a popular blog entitled “What, Where and Wearabouts”.

This blog showcases her love for fashion and her unique sense of style. Also, you’ll find many interesting things about her family, her other ‘loves’ and more about who she really is.

Cherry on the other hand is pursuing the nursing career. She’s been volunteering for 9 straight months now and she’s really doing well. Unlike me, she continues to believe that volunteering will make her reach her dreams and aspirations.

Oh well. Here I am feeling a little confused about what career to pursue. After an interview with the dean for having been on the waitlist after getting a score of 61 on the abstract reasoning [Haha!], the dean has finally allowed me to defer my enrolment for the next school year provided that I comply with their list of requirements.

Anyway, my mom doesn’t want me to take up law anymore and I’m on the verge of breaking down. Haha. Really. I don’t have a choice but I’ll continuing praying because if it’s for me, it will happen.


  1. Believe in your dream. Great look too:)

  2. hi, chachamisu! thank you for that nice and empowering comment. people like you keep me going.

    anyway, i will never get to my destination unless i know where i'm headed.



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