Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Party Animals Despite Earthquake Intensity 6.9

Lyle, Me and Chloe
I was having a class with my student on the 4th floor when all of a sudden we felt an earthquake move our table back and forth. It lasted for a few seconds and I must admit that it was one of the scariest earthquakes I have ever experienced in my entire life.It was even scarier than experiencing air pocket while on a plane in a windy or stormy weather.

I had to calm down and slowly tell my not-so-surprised student that we were experiencing earthquake at that time. When the shaking didn't stop when I thought it would already, I asked her to slowly go down the table and cover our heads.

I didn't think of getting her outside the classroom because I was thinking of scenes in the movies 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow where the ground would suddenly crack open and swallow people alive. I was so scared and I just prayed and prayed for our safety.

(L to R) Rex, Me, Lyle, Tom, Angelie, Vito, Stephanie and Erl in that red shirt
After the shaking stopped, I asked her to run outside and go to the first floor where we saw everyone else standing and talking loudly about what happened. Most of our students are Koreans and they were so shocked because they have never experienced an earthquake their entire lives and to think that it had a magnitude of 6.9.

We stood and waited outside until we were all signaled to come back inside. Some teachers and I ate outside and we experienced an aftershock. I was so scared already but I tried my best to keep it under 
After lunch, we had a meeting and it was decided that classes would be suspended because of the incident. I was scared but I thought it would be wiser to stay with my friends. I thought, I didn't want to die alone sitting inside a jeepney with some passengers whom I didn't know.

It was so funny how we finally decided to go to Smallville instead of going back to our homes. Eventhough the aftershock was over, I still felt scared especially I couldn't help but worry for my Mama and Papa.

Nanako, Lyle, Chloe and I decided to think about what just happened at Coffeebreak while others decided to look for a place where they could drink and have fun. I really felt guilty because I knew I had to be at home with my parents but I also didn't want to go home alone and so I just stayed with them. I thought I'd feel better dying with them than dying alone.

Death was one thing I kept on thinking at that time although  know it was not a good thing to think of. I was just so scared and I could still feel my adrenalin rushing after 2 hours or so.

Errol and Me
Nanako, a Japanese student manager, kept on insisting that things would be okay. I'm such a transparent person and I find it really difficult to hide what I really feel. Thus, I know she saw how worried I was. Chloe [the Korean Junior Camp Teacher/ Student] on the other hand, showed such bravery and composure. It was as if nothing happened. She was just smiling even when she read messages from family and friends who were very worried about her and her condition in Iloilo.

I know these pictures may seem inappropriate but I hope you see it in a different light. We were trying or should I say... I was trying to pretend to be enjoying while my head was filled with thoughts of my family members especially those living in Cebu.

However, we were all able to overcome our fear with utmost happiness. We went home feeling a little less scared and very happy. Filipinos are really damn good at making something good out of something very terrible or should I say disastrous?


  1. I'm very thankfull you all are okay. I was in my boarding room when a disaster eartquake hit Yogyakarta , my hometown, and a lot of my neighbours didn't survive. By the way, nice pictures you have.

    1. Yes, thank God we're all okay. I didn't stop praying that day. Thanks for liking the pics.



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