Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paper Dolls and Paper Houses

Good thing about taking airplanes is the view from the top. I always like looking at how houses and trees would slowly shrink from life-size figures to minute spots as planes ascended. Thus, this blog post's title.

Anyway, the company that I currently work for had an event in Manila. I had to attend as this was my first time attending as a participant and being exposed to this kind of events would allow me to grow as a person and as an employee in the company.

It's actually like a team-building camp for our clients. Only thing is, I came as participant so I get the privilege of enjoying the same benefits that our clients enjoyed during the stay unlike if I went to that event as staff.

I had to prepare for the event. It wasn't going to start that same day that I arrived in Manila but I had to ya know... dress to impress. Hahaha.

So this was what I wore. It was raining really hard and I heard there was a typhoon but it didn't stop me from wearing this cute little dress. I really like to look sweet and feminine.
Who doesn't, anyway? Hahaha.

And this was me getting bored, doing nothing inside the plane. I was alone so I had no one to talk to but I met this cute guy the moment the plane landed. He helped me with my stuff but I think I didn't hear his name right. Hahaha. I should wear hearing aids next time.

I think this is all for now.
Hmmm... I will be showing some more about what happened when I arrived in my next posts so see yah!

Lotsah love,

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