Friday, September 6, 2013

Day 1: Off to Batangas

We had a 3-day event in Batangas last August, 2013. It was a team-building camp-- one that was held yearly on the same month of the year. It was attended by more than 500 guests from different countries like Malaysia, UAE, Nigeria, etc.

This photo was taken by the official photographer. He suggested that we do the sensational "Look Up". We were outside waiting for our turn to ride the bus we were assigned to.

We're staff but this year, we get to participate just like all our other clients. However, during the first day, we had to be assigned in the registration for the different team colors. And we were given these wrist bands so as to identify participants from non-participants.

Sorry about the photos. They're not so clear but nonetheless they show what I wanted you to see in our trip to Batangas, Philippines. This is Gretchen by the way. She's marketing staff in our Cebu Branch.

I'm feeling a little sleepy now. So here's all for now.

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